Food Bank Frenzy!

On a recent rainy afternoon, the Grade 3-7 girls got into the “house” spirit for Food Bank Frenzy.

What’s Food Bank Frenzy?

Food Bank Frenzy!
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The girls bring in non-perishable food items to either the field (weather permitting) or the gym. Wearing their house colours, the girls line up at their house cone.

Then the relay race begins. Each team must deliver 150 items of food to their designated house official who is waiting in the centre of the gym. Runners run around a series of cones to deliver one food item at time. This is all done to music – and lots of very loud cheering!

Points are given to the fastest house, and to the house with the most spirit. Of course, the girls know that the most important thing is that they collected hundreds of items of food for the Food Bank.

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