Abby’s Amazing Assembly Poems

Abby - Head Girl
Abby - Head Girl

Our Head Girl this year, Abby, took it upon herself to write a short poem for every assembly we had in the senior school. The topics covered everything from what it means to be a Tiger, to market volunteers, to decision-making!

Abby’s poems were definitely a highlight of our assemblies–they were thoughtful, well-written, and at turns, poignant and witty. Each one is heart-felt and displays her positivity and leadership. Click the link below to read the poems. There were 30 in total!

Abby has been an exceptional Head Girl and we will miss her and her incredible poetry! Thank you, Abby!

Abby’s Assembly Poems*

* In PDF format. To view a PDF file you must have Adobe Reader software installed on your computer. Download the lastest free version of the software from

Tanya Boteju

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