A Wild Trip to Camp Summit

Gr. 6 Camp Summit 3Here’s a re-cap on the Gr. 6 trip Camp Summit from Catarina. This camp is part of our Outdoor Education program.

Forty excited, noisy, chattering students were on the bus to Camp Summit. When we got there we had lunch, during which we did a food waste challenge, followed by free time.

What’s the big hit for free time? Gaga Ball! The rules are simple. When you hit the ball with two hands you have to say “gaga”. You are out when the ball hits your waist or below. We all had a blast playing Gaga Ball! Another game we played was called Survival. There were 3 teams: Herbivore (the most fun), Omnivore and Carnivore (the luckiest).

When we weren’t playing games, we were doing activities and they had the best activities ever. There was hiking, canoeing (where we played canoe tag), mountain biking to a beautiful river and fire building, which isn’t as easy as it sounds. Other activities were rock climbing, high ropes, where if you went on the wooden beam you could hang upside down by your legs (it was about 10m above the ground) and archery, where some girls were experts and other girls couldn’t even hit the target.

One time we had choice of activities and one of the choices was low ropes. The low rope group had to get blindfolded and find a knot. When they tried to find the knot they accidentally stepped in a wasp’s nest! Yes, there were some bee stings!

After we finished after-dinner games we would go to a campfire where we sung quite odd songs and performed short skits. The last thing on the “to do” list was to go to bed, which we did very late. Camp Summit was a great experience.

Sounds like like the camp was an amazing (and busy) experience. Thanks for sharing!

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