Could the Tigers 3peat?

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Swim Team 2012
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Do you want to know about teamwork and team spirits? If you do, you’d better read this… On October 26th, 2012, after an exciting meet, the York House Swim Team took home their seventh straight Zone Championship. This meet was hosted by Saint Georges School and involved both independent and public schools from Vancouver and Richmond. The York House swim team featured thirty-two talented and strong swimmers, and in this meet, seventeen swimmers qualified for The Provincial Championships with eleven relays and ten individual events. The team has won the girls’ Championships for the past two years and it has a great chance to make it three years in a row. This year’s Provincial Championships will be held on November 16th and 17th at Watermania Pool in Richmond.

Over the years, the team has developed a tradition of excellence in working as a team as well as representing York House School. The York House swim team is a well-equipped team with athletes competing in swim clubs outside of school as well as swimming camps in the summer. There are also some swimmers who only swim during the fall season at York House. However, once these swimmers unite and compete as a team, they create massive “destruction”. During the competition, our swimmers swam events such as 50 meters freestyle, 50 meters breaststroke, 100 meters freestyle, and 200 meters individual medley. In these events, Tigers competed against other skillful contestants. Nonetheless, our swimmers still dominated the competition. This feat could not have been accomplished without the Tiger’s emphasis on team spirits. However, when competing, the swimmers cheered for each other and exchanged encouraging words. For instance, during one event when a swimmer missed her chance in the competition, the whole team was there for her and helped by comforting and pulling her out of the intense situation she was in. Even though the Tigers were very competitive and focused during the meet, they were almost the complete opposite when it comes to being around other team members and creating a fun and relaxing atmosphere around each other.

When the York House Tigers heard about their win in the Zone Championships, they were ecstatic and felt proud of themselves. Truthfully speaking, the swimmers gave their best effort both mentally and physically. They were also well prepared for the meet by ensuring that they were well rested the night before. With these small details, it can tell a lot about a team’s passion and enthusiasm toward reaching the same goal. “I think the goal for us right now is to be the best team we can be, and continuing a tradition which was set in the early years” said Mr. Abt, the coach of York House’s Senior Swim Team. With the encouraging words from Mr. Abt, it will definitely provide motivation for the seventeen swimmers who are yet to compete in the Provincial Championships.

Overall, the York House Tigers were exceptional at the meet. They really tried their best and that is what really matters about a team. No matter what the results are in the end, what will be remembered are those moments that the Tigers spent together, stepping towards one common goal— winning their third straight Provincial Championship. In the meanwhile, our Tiger swimmers will keep one thing in mind during the meet and that is “If they decide that they want to play it, everyone has a role to play on this team”. Hopefully, after November 17th, there will be a new banner hanging in the tiger’s gym. Shall we see?

Jaclyn L., Gr. 10

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