Jr. Chess Tournament at YHS

On Sunday, February 3rd, YHS hosted the Jr. Girls Chess Tournament.

Parent Gaby Eirew (mom to Gr. 6 chess wiz Pepi), writes: “Thank you to everyone for the very happy and smoothly run chess tournament. I am so proud York House hosts such a positive, kind event for chess players. It seems to have the widest range of prizes and awards to encourage players – which is terrific!”

Here are the results:

Section A ( Gr. 5 and 6 )
1. Annika Z. – York House
2. Pepi E. – York House
2. Stepanie Y. – St. John’s

Section A
Section A

Section B ( Gr. 3 and 4 )
1. Iris L. – Vancouver Christian School
2. Olivia W. – York House
3. Shirley – Chartwell School

Section B
Section B

Section C ( 1 and 2 )
1. Joyce T. – York House
2. Talia P. – St. John’s
3. Coco K. – York House

Section C
Section C

See http://www.wcjc.blogspot.ca for full results and more photos.

More Chess this Weekend

Pepi and Ashley at Chapters
Pepi and Ashley at Chapters

Pepi, Gr. 6, and fellow chess champion Ashley (they met at the 2012 Canadian Chess Championships) jointly challenged people to a game of chess at Chapters this weekend.

This was a creative way to raise funds for the “Because I am a Girl” charity. Pepi liked the idea of “real girl power helping real girl power!” They ended up beating the few people that challenged them to a game. Most members of the public wanted to watch the young chess powerhouses in action!

Pepi & Ashley at Chapters
Pepi & Ashley challenge members of the public to a game of chess to raise funds for the “Because I’m a Girl’ Charity.

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