Gr. 3’s at APEGBC Science Games

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Saturday, March 2nd was a special day for two groups of Grade 3 Yorkies. They participated in the APEGBC Science Games at the HR MacMillan Space Centre.

This inter-school event was organized by The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of British Columbia (APEGBC) as part of National Engineering and Geoscience Month. APEGBC is the regulatory body for engineers and geoscientists practicing in BC. The goal of this event was to provide a fun environment where students were able to showcase their science talent, and to promote interest in science education and careers in scientific fields.

The APEGBC Science Games was an interactive science competition which allowed students to investigate how science affects their everyday lives. Students worked on the challenge, ‘Unbreakable Egg’. They needed to build a device that kept an egg intact when dropped from increasing heights. The devices were built prior to March 2nd and were tested by the judges at the competition. They also had prepare to work on two Mystery Challenges on the day of the competition. The only clues the teams had prior to the competition was that one would involve building a structure and the other would involve the properties of buoyancy, density and surface tension.

Both groups had a fantastic day showing incredible teamwork, creativity and super problem-solving skills. In addition to having a lot of fun preparing for this competition, and working through the creative process to develop their devices, both teams also received medals. Medals were awarded for total points received in the three categories.

One group of girls, known as the ‘Science Seals’ included Bianca G., Sarah T., Kaitlin Y., Sophie K. and Sophie F. They received the Silver Medal and were coached by parents, Anna & Raul Gavin, Mary Tan, Gail Ooi and Sara Forsyth. The second group of girls known as ‘Tiger Scientists, included, Kikasuw W., Sophia A., Sophie N., Sabrina D. and Dominique W. They received the Bronze Medal and were coached by Grade 12 Students, Kayla L. and Tiffany C. Congratulations to all of the girls and special thanks to their coaches for working with the girls to help them deliver such spectacular results!

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