International Week

Showcasing global issues during International Week
Showcasing global issues during International Week. Click for more photos.

During the week of February 11-14, our Globe Leaders’ Group hosted an International Week. The goal was for students to learn more about various regions of the world, be more familiar with some of the issues developing countries face and ideally, have more information on how they can get involved and learn more.

On Tuesday, the theme was Africa. There was a International Experiences Fair in the Senior School where various students and staff set up information booths with photos, artifacts, etc. to share their global travel experiences.

On Wednesday, the theme was Latin America. There was special treats in the cafe at recess, Spanish and Portuguese lessons at lunch, and an international themed School Reach competition (students vs. staff). In the evening, YHS hosted a special screening of the film ‘Girl Rising’, with proceeds going to Project Somos.

Henna for Thursday's Indian theme at International Week.
Henna for Thursday’s Indian theme at International Week. Click for more photos.

On Thursday, the theme was India. There was an International Issues Fair in the foyer at lunch. Students and staff showcased internationally minded organizations and global issues that matter to them. There was also henna and Indian snacks courtesy of Mrs. Katta. 

On Friday the focus was on the Middle East. Students had the chance to learn traditional dances courtesy of Ms. Kaddage and Gabriella, Gr. 12. Ms. Kaddage demonstrated a Lebanese dance called a “dabke” and Gabriella performed the “Turkish Kiss”, an Israeli dance.

What a fun and informative week! The Globe Leaders Group thanks everyone for their interest and support. 

Click here for more photos.

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