YHS Welcomes Grandparents & Grandpals

Grandparents Day
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Hundreds of grandparents and grandpals came to visit their Yorkies on our annual Grandparents’ Day.

To kick-off the day, grandparents were treated to musical performances from the Gr. 7 Choir, as well as a duet featuring two Grade 8s: Brooke on flute and Kitty on piano. At recess, some of our senior students gave their grandparents tours of the new senior building, where others took to the Junior Library for some storytime. Buses also shuttled grandparents to the Little School.

The day gives grandparents a chance to interact with their grandchild in the classroom. They get to see what their grandchild is currently working on, and what her favorite subjects are. This year, some of our Junior students used the opportunity to interview their grandparents as part of a unit on immigration.

This special day is a wonderful way to honour Yorkie grandparents. Grandparents Day is one of our most cherished York House traditions and is held every Spring.

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