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In Tigers news, last weekend the Sr. Ultimate Team went down to Burlington, WA to compete in the annual ‘Spring Reign’ tournament. It attracts teams from throughout the north-west US, along with a few from Canada. The senior team went 3-2, winning all of their Sunday games, finishing 9th in the tournament. Despite the rain, most of the team managed to receive a pretty good sunburn.

Jr. Ultimate in Kelowna
Jr. Ultimate in Kelowna

The Jr. Ultimate had a great weekend in Kelowna. They went in as a Grade 8-10 team in a high school tournament, expecting some tight competition. The team played some amazing ultimate, and went 4-0, qualifying for the semi-finals Sunday morning. They played the hometown Kelowna team (made up of high school players from across the city) and managed to beat them by a couple points, putting the squad in the gold medal game against Sutherland (a team that has already beat our senior team this year). It was a tough game, which our girls ended up losing, but they held their own and made YHS proud.

This past weekend, the Jr. Soccer Team played amazingly and carried themselves extremely well. Though, the team finished fifth, they let in the fewest goals of the tournament (only two in four games). They had a chance to win every game because of their level of determination, competition and desire to play through aches and pains. That coupled with the level of sportsmanship that the girls showed made for a very proud coach Cropley. Thanks to Mrs. Sjervan for making the trek with the team.


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