Ultimate: City Champs!

The Ultimate teams competed in the Lower Mainland Independent School Ultimate League Championships last week.

Both the Junior and Senior ‘A’ teams placed first in their league. The Grade 10 boys were away all last week due to an Outdoor Ed. trip, so our Junior girls played an especially large role in the win.

The ‘B’ teams also had a successful showing in the league. The Junior ‘B’ team placed 3rd, and the Senior ‘B’ team placed 4th, losing 12-9 to the VC/LFA 3rd place team.

Congratulations to all!

David Riendl

Jr. 'A' Ultimate: City Champs
Jr. ‘A’ Ultimate: City Champs
Sr. 'A' Ultimate: City Champs
Sr. ‘A’ Ultimate: City Champs

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