Junior Tigers Update: May 2, 2019

The Grade 5 Ultimate team continues to practise every Monday and Wednesday during the lunch hour break. The team, coached by Ms. Winston and Ms. Garcia, even played their first set of games. The girls are thoroughly enjoying themselves and are learning the basic throws as well as being immersed in the “spirit of the game”.

Our Grade 6/7 Ultimate team is working very hard each week, and has some talented players showcasing their excellent skills during recent games. Just around the corner is the ISEA Tournament, where the girls will look to elevate their spirit and play to equal that of some of the more experienced teams.

Our Track & Field team has come away from two competitions looking as strong and as capable as ever. Each grade level has a multitude of keen athletes, some of whom are striving to set new school records. It is not an easy task as our records, like acid wash jeans and big hair, go way back. More importantly, there are also many highly coachable girls who are working towards setting new personal bests each and every time they compete. Our hats off to all of the girls who put themselves into the competition arena. The results of the VOC Elementary T&F Meet on April 12 and 13 can be found here, and the results of the Vancouver Elementary Schools T&F Championships at UBC held on April 25, can be found here. Congrats to all of the girls for getting off to a great start. Our next event is the annual Grade 3 Mini Meet at CHS on May 8. Go Tigers!