Junior Tigers Update: September 19, 2019

There is a lot of bumping, setting, spiking, serving, and digging going on in Rand Gymnasium these days as Volleyball continues to soar in popularity. With teams in Grade 5, 6, and 7, we have over 90 girls playing. The first games for each team are fast approaching and the coaches are busy preparing the girls to do their best. A big thank you to our coaches: Mrs. Zimmer and Ms. Anthony for Grade 5; Mr. Alguire and Mrs. Kanavos for Grade 6; Ms. Murray and Ms. Wilson-Gay for Grade 7B; and Ms. Marcotte and Ms. Young for Grade 7A. Good luck to all of the teams!

Mrs. Ling and our team of coaches (Ms. Abbott, Ms. Sharpe, Ms. Waterhouse, Ms. Kingerlee, Ms. Ryerson, and Ms. Pearkes) are working hard to keep up with a fantastic group of athletes. Our team is big (~70), fast, and motivated. Having fun, improving their fitness, and defending our ISEA Championships are just a few of the goals for the Cross-Country team. We are looking forward to another fantastic season!

Students often enjoy out of school athletic activities and there is no shortage of choices. In fact, the number of activities can be overwhelming and can really begin to pull on family time. We strongly recommend that students looking to explore new physical activities or build on familiar skills play on school-based teams. Aside from the obvious benefits of regular physical activities, there are other reasons it makes sense to participate in school-based co-curriculars. Nothing bonds a relationship like working hard towards a common goal and every year teachers speak about how much they enjoy getting to know the girls outside of the classroom. Let’s be honest, playing on a YHS team is also convenient. The girls arrive for school, study, play, participate, and then leave. No racing around town from one activity to the next = more time together as a family. 

We also understand that YHS is limited in the athletic opportunities we can offer. However, we have begun to build partnerships with community-based groups that can bring more opportunities to our students at York House. One example of this is Split Second Basketball. We have been working with Split Second for a few years now and many Yorkies have benefitted from the additional basketball happening right on campus. If it something your daughter would be interested in, please check out the Split Second website, and sign up today!