Junior Tigers Update: February 6, 2020

Last Thursday, January 30, our Grade 7 Tigers hosted Crofton House School, Mulgrave, and Stratford Hall for the inaugural Festivus Basketballus event; an event built to honour and recognize our late colleague, Megan Dalziel. The event was designed to give student-athletes the opportunity to display some of the amazing intangibles that Megan Dalziel brought to our gymnasium. Our hope was to witness qualities like intensity and skill being balanced against enthusiasm and sportsmanship. 

Each team played two games and participated in a lunch-hour shooting contest. Scores from the games were as follows:

Crofton House School 36 – York House School 11
Mulgrave School 38 – Stratford Hall 16
Crofton House School 45 – Mulgrave School 15
Stratford Hall 9 – York House School 18

The shooting contest had two teams from each school participate. The winning tandem came from Crofton House (28 points), followed by Stratford Hall (25 points), and Mulgrave (21 points). Although the Tigers did not have a team finish in the top three, our girls enjoyed the opportunity to shoot in front of such an enthusiastic crowd. Competing in such a pressured environment gave all of the participants a chance to test their mettle and see how much they do or do not enjoy that moment.

We were very pleased with our initial Festivus Basketballus. Our hope of building the foundation for a great event was realized. Many comments were made about the enjoyment the students had and how much the coaches felt appreciated. Thank you to our school administration (Julie Rousseau and Kathy Kealey) for supporting the event. Another thank you to Lesley McKnight, Eric Butler, and Adriano Catena for their involvement with logistics and officiating. We look forward to the growth of this event, enjoying the spirit of basketball, and continuing to celebrate and remember Megan Dalziel.

On Thursday, February 6, the Swim Team is off to their third meet of the season, the WPGA Invitation Elementary Swim Meet. This meet is held at Watermania, in Richmond, and will give the girls another opportunity to experience competition in the water. Best of luck to all of our swimmers and a big thank you to our coaches Christine Lee, Carmelita Carlberg-Nangle, and shout out to our student coaches as well!