Yorkies Inspired by “Rock Monsters” Project

Zoe (Gr. 9) and Julia (Gr. 10) were inspired by the free children’s book Rock Monsters by BC mom, Amanda Marshall. The book helps explain the recent changes in the world to children and includes an activity for them. 

Zoe and Julia wanted to give back to the YHS community and spread some positivity. So they decided to send our Grade 1s and 2s “rock monster” packages so that they too could participate in this activity.

Rock Monsters are little symbols of positivity that kids can make and spread around their neighbourhoods to brighten somebody’s day. Collect some rocks, paint them bright colours, and decorate them with faces before you hide the rocks around your neighbourhood. Each different-coloured “rock monster” represents a different message during COVID-19. For example, a red rock reminds people to wash their hands, a yellow rock means to stay positive, a blue rock is to thank our healthcare heroes and essential workers, green rocks remind us to stay healthy and keep moving, the purple ones are to thank the adults in our lives, and all the other colours show us that even though we are apart, we are all connected around the world.    

Read the book, visit @rockmonsterfriends on Instagram for more ideas, and make your own Rock Monsters at home.

Thank you Zoe and Julia for all your hard work in making this special community activity happen.