Drama 9: The Power of Masks in Theatre

By Jennifer, Grade 9

In Drama 9 this term, our class investigated a mask’s role in performance and took risks to create our own masks that incorporated styles and features from cultures and societies that inspired us. We were engaged in this activity, as shown by our great effort, time, and patience in creating a piece of art that reflected our public persona. Our masterpieces included a variety of art materials to showcase our diverse personalities, such as paint, glitter, jewels, feathers, and newspaper. While our public persona was portrayed by the outer expression of our mask, our inner selves were revealed in a poem, hidden within the mask. The encouragement and guidance given by Ms. Louis, and the support and respect that we gave to each other during this process, formed a safe space where we all stepped out of our comfort zone and were motivated to perform with our masks on stage in the world of drama.