Random Acts of Kindness Week

Grade 11 students Shoshana, Ava, and Lola once again organized “Random Acts of Kindness” Week in the Senior School. The goal of this initiative is to promote the idea that just one act of kindness can start a chain reaction and positively impact those we may not even meet, as well as cultivating the qualities that are central to building character: kindness and inclusion. Learn more in this Q&A from last year

This year, from May 3-May 9, a series of activities took place during the week: 

  1. Bags of Love: Monday & Tuesday in TAG
    Students assembled and decorated a bag full of essential supplies for vulnerable single mothers and children at the YWCA Crabtree Corner, a resource center for women and families that provide housing for expecting and new mothers in recovery, child care, parenting programs, a community kitchen, and programs for self-identified women who have experienced abuse. Students drew, wrote kind messages and motivational quotes. Each TAG collaborated to create one bag.
  1. Food Bank Day & Civvies: Wednesday
    Students brought non-perishable foods for donation to the Greater Vancouver Food Bank. We managed to fill 10 large boxes with food.
  1. Kindness Cards: Thursday in TAG
    In TAG every student received a blank card with another student’s name (from the same grade) on it. Students wrote kind notes that included compliments, shared memories, or anything kind.
  1. Kindness Cards Returned: Friday TAG
    The next day the kindness cards were distributed. What an uplifting way to end the week!

Thank you to everyone for participating in Random Acts of Kindness Week, and for your support in fundraising for essential supplies to fill the Bags of Love and bringing non-perishable foods for the food bank.