The Inaugural Grade 3 House Induction Ceremony

The long-standing tradition of joining your House in Grade 3 is a very exciting moment for our students. For the past several years, students and teachers have been calling for a new and exciting way to welcome our Grade 3s into their Houses. Naturally, many people reference the Harry Potter novels and the wonderful “sorting hat” moment that takes place in the first book. As you can imagine, we are a little low on talking hats that can read your mind. However, we are not short on energy, and with a little imagination, we created a magical moment that should hold up as a fantastic memory for the students who participated in the 2021 House Induction Ceremony. 

On Friday, September 24, all of the Grade 4-7 students gathered on the field in their respective Houses. The Grades 3s, plus a handful of new students, lined up on one side of the field. On the other side of the field was a paper bag with their name on it. After a small speech by Mr. Jackson, we counted down and the students ran across the field, tore open their bags to reveal their new House Shirt! The students put on their new shirts, gathered at a cone near their new House, and heard the following cheer:

“We have spirit, yes we do! We have spirit, we WANT YOU!!!”

With screams of delight, the new students officially joined their Houses: Arbutus, Pine, Cypress, and Maple! 

Congratulations to everyone for a very successful inaugural House Induction Ceremony!