Ms. Dalziel Spirit Run

The Ms. Dalziel Spirit Run happened for the first time, in person, on April 5th, 2022. It was a school-wide event organized for my Capstone project. This Spirit Run honours the memory of a much-beloved teacher, Megan Dalziel, who lost her battle with cancer in 2019. Ms. Dalziel was my gym teacher throughout my time in the Junior School and had a profound impact on me. It was so important to me to have the whole school participate and we were so lucky to have a beautiful day on the run.

Though donations weren’t mandatory we were able to raise some money for Stem Cell Research and have donated it to BC Women’s Hospital. I hope that this run may become annual and continue on in the years to come! Anyone who wishes to donate to this important research can do so at

Kaari, Grade 12