Junior Tigers Update: May 5, 2022

At YHS, Athletics formally begins in Grade 3, and for many students, it continues all the way through Grade 12. Participating in sports is a wonderful opportunity to build physical literacy skills, self-efficacy, and independence. However, the beginning of the journey is not just for athletes, it is also the initial school athletic experience for parents. Naturally, this means questions and lots of them. 

To help parents get a great start in Athletics, we are hosting an Athletics Explained Coffee Morning. We invite all Grade 2-5 parents who are interested. With the pandemic causing interruptions to school sports for the past two years, there may be many questions about a school athletic season.

Athletics Explained Coffee Morning: Grade 2-5

Yesterday, our Grade 3 athletes got into the swing of life in the fast lanes in the 60m sprint. It was all part of our Grade 3 Track & Field Mini Meet with our gracious hosts Crofton House School. Additional events included long jump, shot put, and a shuttle relay. Our Tigers were very excited and they should be very proud of their efforts. A big thank you to Aria B.’s parents who provided a sweet little treat post-meet. 

Our Grade 5 and Grade 6/7 teams have continued to find growth and success on the ultimate pitch, with improved play every match. It is amazing to watch our Grade 7s in particular. They are fast and fierce and have learned so much since they were in Grade 5. We can’t wait to see the massive improvements our Grade 5s will have made by 2024!

Next Monday, May 9, both groups will be playing in the ISEA Ultimate Playday/Tournament. The squads will participate in several matches throughout the day, and promise to come home with smiling faces and tired legs. Good luck Tigers!