Junior Tigers Update: November 17, 2022

This week saw the first basketball practices of the season take place in Rand Gymnaium. The Grade 7s were the first to hit the floor with their first of three “selection” practices. Over the course of the week, coaches will create two teams from our pool of 26 enthusiastic players. Those teams (A and B) will practice together but participate in two separate ISEA leagues. The emphasis this season will be “compete”. Our league is very competitive in both divisions, and the Tigers will look to earn their confidence by working very hard all over the basketball court. If our first session is any indication, we should expect a great deal of improvement as the season progresses. 

For the Grade 5 and 6 Basketball teams, their seasons start next week with practices on Monday/Wednesday for Grade 5, and Tuesday/Thursday for Grade 6. 

The Swim Team will make their first splashes in the pool on November 28, with practices at 5:00 pm every Monday/Wednesday. For the first time in a long time, maybe ever, the Swim Team will now practice after school. This is a big change for the Swim Team that traditionally practiced at 6:30 am! The team of 60+ students will be a force in the water, and will undoubtedly contend for the ISEA Championship at the end of February.