Year End Music Concerts: Audio Clips

For those who missed it (or want to enjoy it again!), here are audio clips from the Year End Music Concerts on May 31st and June 1st…. two evenings of great music! Click on the links for the mp3 file.

Tuesday, May 31 – Concert Band Showcase

Grade 7 Concert Band:
The Red Balloon

The Headless Horseman
Wind Mountain Overture

Bambina (Choir):
Georgia On My Mind (solos: Anisha, Hannah & Christina, Gr. 7)
Singin’ in the Rain

Saxophone Duet (Amber, Gr. 9 & Mr. Bach):
Duo Concertant

Grade 8 Concert Band:
Great Movie Themes

Grade 8 & 9 Band:
Flying Tigers March
Pirates of the Carribean: Symphonic Suite

Grade 9 Concert Band:
Song of the Matador

Grade 7 Concert Choir:
Girls’ Sing Off (solos: Gabriella M. & Gabriella W., Gr. 7)
Here Comes the Sun

Senior Jazz Band:
Gertrude’s Bounce
Blues Mode
Hit The Bricks

Senior Concert Band:
Washington Post March
Heaven’s Light
El Choclo

Wednesday, June 1st – Senior Ensemble Night
(at some points 17 mics were used to record, so these clips should be better quality)

Singin’ in the Rain
Georgia On My Mind (solos: Cassandra, Fraser & Yun An, Gr. 7)

Flute Choir:
Ode to Joy
Take 5

Soloist Alice C., Gr. 12:
For the Nights I Can’t Remember

Soloist Olivia K., Gr. 12:
L’amour est un oiseau rebelle – from “Carmen”

Soloist Katie S., Gr. 12:
21 Guns

Senior Concert Choir:
Scarborough Fair (violin: Caitlin W., Gr. 12)
Reuben, Reuben
For Good (solos: Laura & Hasti, Grade Eight)

I’ve Never Been in Love Before
Higher Ground
True Colors
Ain’t No Sunshine
Maybe Someday (In honour of the graduating Class of 2011 – Congrats Grads! You have come a long way, and you made it!)

String Ensemble:
Cerf-Volant (from “Les Choristes”)
Presto (from “String Quartet in E-Flat, K. 160)

String Duets:
Little Duet #7 Op. 38 (Ms. Black & Caitlin W., Gr. 12)
String Duet

Senior Concert Band:
Prelude and Fugue
Walk in the Morning Sun
Heaven’s Light
Folk Dances

Winter Concert Highlights

Music Highlights from Senior Ensemble Night

Ragazza at the Senior Ensemble NightOur senior musicians treated us to two wonderful evenings of music in November. There was an eclectic mix of pieces, both classical and contemporary. All our ensembles had a chance to showcase, including select soloists.

Here are are some highlights from the performance on Wednesday, November 24:

Senior Strings Ensemble: Pachelbel Canon

Senior Strings Ensemble: Ode to Joy (Beethoven)

Katie, Gr. 12: There are Worse Things I Could Do (from “Grease”)

Elizabeth, Gr. 7: Nocturne in E Minor (Chopin)

Ragazza: Sunday

Ragazza: This Little Light of Mine

Senior Concert Choir: Hold Me Rock Me

Bambina: Bye Bye Blackbird

Senior Jazz Band: Check Your Swing

Senior Jazz Band: Hit the Bricks

Senior Concert Band: Mexican Folk Song Fantasy

Senior Concert Band: Symphony#1 – In Memoriam Dresden 1945