Artist in Residence: Marian Rose

The Junior School had a great time working with Artist in Residence, Marian Rose, from June 11 to 15. Marian is a folk dance specialist who believes that dance and music are “powerful tools in creating a more connected, compassionate and joyful world”. Our girls had the chance to celebrate the end of the school year by learning a wide variety of fun and energetic folk dances from around the world.

Parents were invited to join in on the fun at the Community Dance. Students and parents got the opportunity to dance together with the wonderful accompaniment of Marian on her accordion and special guests, the YHS Fiddle Club and Olivia Budd. On Friday, the students shared the dances they had learned with each other in a final celebration performance. See the fun firsthand in this video clip.

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Gr. 3 & 4s African Workshop

Grade 3s and 4s with Jacky Essombe
Click to see more photos of the Grade 3s and 4s working with Jacky Essombe

Jacky Essombe, a dancer from Cameroon, came to York House to work with the Grade 3s and 4s. She taught them dances, songs and drum rhythms using French, English and her own dialect. This gave girls a chance to use their French in an interactive setting and to also explore African culture. See the photos and watch them in action: