Putting the “Fun” Back in Founders’ Day

The Student Executive were on a mission to put the “fun” back in Founders’ Day this week, with games and and trivia leading up to the big day on Friday. Today at lunch there was a vintage uniform contest. These Senior girls did a great job of modelling:


Speaking of uniforms, we also spotted these snazzy new Field Hockey uniforms on some Gr. 9 girls. Some day, these will also make it to the YHS Museum & Archives!


Tigers Athletics Awards and BBQ

Tigers Athletic Awards & BBQ
TigersAthletic Awards & BBQ. Click for more photos

The Sr. Athletics BBQ was one of our best. Great weather, great food and great company. The Athletic Heads did a great job in organizing.

A big THANK YOU to everyone for your support for our teams and athletes throughout the year. A special THANK YOU to our coaches.  Click here to view all the photos from the bbq.

Below is a list of the award winners:

2013-2014 Tigers Athletics Awards

Most Valuable Teammate Award
Criteria: in the opinion of their coach(es) demonstrates the character, leadership and skills that contribute to team success that qualifies them as the most valuable teammate.

Gr8 Volleyball Team: Anna
Jr. Volleyball Team: Ishira
Sr. Volleyball Team: Emma
Swim Team: Elizabeth
X-Country Team: Arizah
Jr. Field Hockey Team: Lucy
S. Field Hockey Team: Gabriela

Gr. 8 Basketball Team: Kristen
Jr. Basketball Team: Ishira
Sr Basketball Team: Natasha
Ski & Snowboard Team: Amelia

Jr. Soccer Team: Claire
Sr. Soccer Team: Anna
Jr. Ultimate Team: Joy
Jr. Dev. Ultimate Team: Justine
Sr. Ultimate Team: Laura
Sr Dev. Ultimate Team: Meg
Badminton Team: Karianne
Track & Field Team: Gabriela

Manager of the Year: Nicole S.

Official of the Year: Nicole M.

Grade Athlete of the Year Award
Criteria: One per grade. For outstanding participation, achievement in and overall commitment to Athletics (emphasis on participation).

Grade 8: Meg
Grade 9: Shae
Grade 10: Joy
Grade 11: Laura
Grade 12: Natasha & Maddy

Tigers Outstanding Performance Award
Criteria: For an outstanding single performance by an athlete or team at a highly competitive, championship level event (individual student athlete or team Grade 8-10).
2013-14 Swim Team – Provincial Champions

Jr. Athlete of the Year (One Top Athlete selected from all Gr 8-10)
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in and commitment to Athletics (grade 8-10). Emphasis on achievement.

Sr. Athlete of the Year (One Top Athlete selected from all Gr 11-12)
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in and commitment to Athletics (Grade 11-12). Emphasis on achievement.

Becky Willis Award (One Top Candidate selected from all Gr. 8-12)
Criteria:  For demonstrating outstanding commitment, leadership, spirit, sportsmanship and a high level of participation in York House Tigers Athletics.
Nicole M. & Courtney