Congratulations Class of 2012

Grad 2012
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On Thursday, June 7th, the class of 2012 crossed the stage and accepted their graduation certificates. The first portion of the afternoon included a prize-giving ceremony. Congratulations to the following award recipients:

House Trophy: Algonquin (accepted by House Captain Claudia B.).
Senior Spirit Trophy: Shira D. (awarded to a student who shows wholehearted participation in the life of the school, energy and enthusiasm).
Grade 12 Athletes of the Year: Helen T. and Alisha R. (participation, achievement and overall commitment to Athletics).
Senior Athlete of 2011-2012: Mira D. (outstanding participation, achievement and overall commitment to Athletics).
Becky Willis Trophy: Cherub L. and Janelle Y. (sportsmanship, leading by example, generous spirit on and off the field).
Duke of Edinburgh Gold Awards: Anatolia A., Rebecca D. and Ashley W.
Grade 12 Citizenship Awards: Amanda L. (recognizes those qualities implicit in the school’s motto – “Not for Ourselves Alone”).
Parents Association Trophy for Citizenship: Azzra M. (voted on by graduating class).
Tognetti Family Student Initiative Award: Julie W., for her involvement with Shad Valley (recognizes student who has demonstrated significant and outstanding initiative, either in or out of school in raising awareness to support a case).
U of T Book Prize: Julie W.
Caldwell Pursuit of a Dream Award: Alisha R. (given to a student who in her years at YHS, has discovered a passion, has made it her goal, and is poised to pursue her dream with confidence).
New Canadian Graduate Excellence Award: Gabby D. (given to a student who entered YHS from a non-English speaking country and has excelled in academics and citizenship while at YHS).
Sheila Nelles Book Award: Ariana S. (given to Head Girl).
Grade 12 English Book Prize: Elvina T., and Emily B. (recipient is recognized as a true scholar in the field).

Cap Throw - Grad 2012 Ceremony
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English Rhetoric Prize: Mira M. (awarded to a student who has consistently displayed excellence in the development of written argument throughout her Grade 12 year).
Liu-Fei Family Award for Excellence in English Literature: Ashley W. (student who has consistently displayed excellence in the development of literary analysis throughout the Grade 12 year in English).
Joan Ritchie Creighton Memorial Award: Mira M. (academic excellence in Advanced Placement Literature and Composition).
Math 12 Prize: Elvina T.
Math 12 Accelerated Prize: Julie W.
Calculus 12 Prize: Mira D. and Sally G.
Advanced Placement Calculus Prize: Kimberly C.
History 12 Prize: Shira D.
AP Comparative Government Prize: Shira D.
Geography 12 Prize: Preety N.
Law 12 Prize: Elizabeth E.
AP MacroEconomics Prize: Kimberly C.
AP European History Prize: Emily B.
International Studies 11/12 (Model United Nations) Prize: Azzra M., Kylie W. and Julie W.

Grads of 2012
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Chemistry 12 Prize: Kimberly C.
Physics 12 Award: Elvina T. and Kaitlyn M.
AP Physics Prize: Jennifer U.
AP Chemistry Prize: Jennifer U.
AP Biology Prize: Azzra M.
Walford Family Award for Passion in Science: Ashley W.
National Biology Scholar of Distinction: Wendy C.
Science Council of BC Award: Julie W. (student who excels in more than one science).
Most Improved Artist: Jennifer U.
Art 12 Prize: Gabby D.
Outstanding Musician of the Year (Gr. 12): Julia C.
Textiles 12 Prize: Janelle Y.
Film 11/12 Prize: Emily B.
Guest Family Award for Excellence in Journalism: Elizabeth E.
Yearbook Award: Amanda L. and Emily Y.
Board of Governors’ Award: Kristina L. (recognizes student who has shown outstanding excellence in both academics and citizenship).

After the presentation of the graduation certificates, and a yellow rose on behalf of the Alumnae Association, the ceremony closed with a speech from joint valedictorians Miriam M. and Elizabeth E.

“BC’s Brightest Minds” at Playland

Julie and Jennifer win $500 at "BC's Brightest Minds"
Julie and Jennifer win $500 at “BC’s Brightest Minds” Physics competition held at Playland.

On May 1, 2012, teams of two students each from high schools across BC participated in the “BC’s Brightest Minds” Physics competition at Playland.

The teams were required to complete in three tasks analyzing the role physics plays in Playland rides. The tasks included calculating the forces acting on a student riding the Enterprise, the velocity of the spinning Wave Swinger, and the centripetal acceleration of the Wooden Roller Coaster. Julie and Jennifer, Grade 12, represented York House in the competition. The team placed third in the province, winning a $500 award!