Junior School Pinball Tournament

As we continue to navigate our way through the school year, we find so many of our House Events and House Games being disrupted, modified, or altogether lost to the misfortune of COVID-19. During Term 2 we cancelled House Games and the Junior School Fun-a-Rama. For both, schedules and Learning Groups proved to be the biggest hurdles, but as the saying goes, “The show must go on!” As a result, our top-flight Junior School House Leaders created a new event, a House Tournament! 

For the first House Tournament, we chose Pinball. It is a popular game in PHE, and it is traditionally used as a House Game in Term 1. Last January, over the course of two days, students from Grades 3-7 joined the rest of their Learning Group (grade), and the House Teams battled for 80 minutes in a round-robin tournament. The results of each Grade Level tournament counted towards the final House Tournament results. There was a very impressive display of teamwork and effort from each of the Houses, and in the end, the results were very close. 

Final Results from the 2020 Pinball House Tournament:

  • 4th – RED
  • 3rd – YELLOW
  • 2nd – GREEN
  • 1st – BLUE

Congratulations to the Blue team for the 2021 Pinball House Tournament victory!

Brent Jackson
Junior School Athletics Coordinator


Virtual Spirit Week in the Junior School

Junior School students participated in a virtual Spirit Week from April 27 to May 1. Students were asked to show their school spirit all week from home, with each day having a different theme:

  • Multicolour Monday: Wear an outfit with all your favourite colours.
  • Twin Tuesday: Dress up with someone in your class and wear the same clothes. Let your classmates try and guess who you are “twinning” with.
  • Wacky Hair/Wig Wednesday: Wear a wig or do something wacky with your hair (wearing a hat is also an option).
  • Throwback Thursday: Wear clothes from another decade.
  • Family Friday: Spend time with your families and send in a picture of something you’ve been doing with your family to connect and have fun. 

Thank you to our Junior Head Girl, Vice-Head Girl, and house leaders for helping to organize this event! All the photos were showcased during the next Junior School assembly. Watch the video: