Junior School “Fun-O-Rama”

On February 28, our Grade 3-7 students had an exciting afternoon at “Fun-O-Rama”. This House spirit event started with each House presenting its own House cheer, followed by nine relay-style games. Thank you to Ms. Marcotte and the Student Council for planning and organizing. Congrats to PINE for being awarded the most points. It was so wonderful to have all the Houses together in one place!

Junior School Benchball Tournament

Our Grade 3-7s brought their House spirit to our Junior School Bench Ball Tournament. These House games were held during their PHE classes on January 27 and 28. The round-robin format, with 10-minute games, led to some seriously intense and epic battles between each house. Throughout the tournament, our gymnasium was full of smiles, shouts, laughs, and good music. Congrats to CYPRESS on winning the 2022 Benchball Tournament.