Senior Tigers Athletic Awards 2021-22

What a year for YHS Athletics! 

After over a one-year ban on inter-school competitive sport due to COVID-19, the 2021-22 season was a return to almost normal. Some teams and some seasons were still impacted by provincial health orders and restrictions but for the most part, we were all thrilled to see a return to competitive sport. On Wednesday, June 8, we held our annual Athletics Year-End Celebration and Awards BBQ. Thank you to all our coaches whose time, dedication and energy make this all happen. Thank you and congratulations to all student-athletes.

Criteria: in the opinion of their coach(es) demonstrates the character, leadership and skills that contribute to team success that qualifies them as the most valuable teammate. Many will consider this as an MVP award but often a team has an individual who is not the most skilled player, the “all-star” or top point scorer but whose leadership and character, combined with their ability is the most valuable individual to the team (one per team).

Grade 8 Volleyball Team Breanne L.
Junior Volleyball Team Bella R.
Senior Volleyball Team Nolin L.
Swim Team Janice T.
Cross-Country Team Sophie F.
Junior Field Hockey Team no award due to limited season
Senior Field Hockey Team Rosi B.
Varsity Field Hockey Team Zoe F.
Grade 8 Basketball Team Zyra S.
Junior Basketball Team Lucy E.
Senior Basketball Team Mila U.
Ski Team Nicole W.
Snowboard Team Ruby W.
Varsity Soccer Team Avery R.
Senior Soccer Team Nicola H.
Badminton Team Luna L.
Junior Ultimate Team Diane Q.
Senior Ultimate Team Maddie Y.
Track & Field Madeleine W.
Tennis Team no award due to limited season
Mountain Bike Team no award due to limited season

CROSS-COUNTRY AND TRACK & FIELD AWARD is selected by their coaches and presented to a student who excelled in both sports during a single school year.

2021-22 Winner: Livy G. and Sophia V.

TIGERS OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE AWARD: Presented to an athlete or a team and selected by coaches. This award does not need to be presented each year if there is not a deserving winner.
Criteria: For an outstanding single performance by an athlete or team at a highly competitive, championship-level event (individual student-athlete or team Grade 8-12). 

2021-22 Winner: Varsity Field Hockey Team at 2022 AA BC Championships

Criteria: One per grade. For outstanding participation, achievement in and overall commitment  to Athletics. Coaches nominate student athletes in each grade. If required, finalists are voted on by coaches.

  • Grade 8: Peyton C.
  • Grade 9: Allie C.
  • Grade 10: Madeleine W.
  • Grade 11: Jordan W.r
  • Grade 12: Nolin L. and Zoe F.

JUNIOR ATHLETE OF THE YEAR (one student-athlete selected from all Grades 8-10)
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in and commitment to athletics (Grade 8-10). Emphasis on achievement and performance.

Winner: Sophia B. (Grade 9)

SENIOR ATHLETE OF THE YEAR (one student-athlete selected from all Grades 11-12)
Criteria: For outstanding achievement, participation in and commitment to athletics (Grade 11-12). Emphasis on achievement and performance.

Winner: Mila U. (Grade 12)

BECKY WILLIS AWARD (one student selected from all Grades 8-12) 
Criteria: For demonstrating outstanding commitment, leadership, spirit, sportsmanship and a high level of participation in York House athletics. 

Winner: Maddie Y. (Grade 12)

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Junior Tigers Update: May 13, 2021

Benchball House Tournament Results!
Do you work out? If so, chances are high you have experienced High Intensity Interval Training, also known as HIIT. HIIT workouts are great for maximal health benefits in a short period of time. Coincidentally, did you also know that our Junior School Benchball Tournament is also a HIIT workout? It wasn’t planned that way; however, the round-robin format, with 10-minute games, led to some seriously intense and epic battles between each house. Each battle was followed by a short rest, and then another awesome game. A perfect HIIT workout. 

At the end of the two-day tournament, it was Blue who emerged victorious. They were followed by Yellow, Red and Green. Teachers and House Captains were all very impressed with the effort that each grade put forward. Throughout the tournament, our gymnasium was full of smiles, shouts, laughs, and good music. With the number of students who have asked for yet another tournament, it is safe to say that our 2021 House Tournaments have been a… HIIT.

Athletics Explained Coffee Morning (Grade 2 and up): Thurs. May 20 at 9:00 am:
At YHS, Athletics formally begins in Grade 3, and for many students it continues all the way through Grade 12. Participating in sport is a wonderful opportunity to build physical literacy skills, self-efficacy, and independence. However, the beginning of the journey is not just for athletes, it is also the initial school athletic experience for parents. Naturally, this means questions, and lots of them. 

To help parents get a great start in Athletics, we are hosting an Athletics Explained Coffee Morning. We invite all Grade 2 parents who are interested. It is also open to parents from any grade who may be interested. With the pandemic causing massive interruptions to school sports for the past year and a half, there may be many questions about a school athletic season.

Athletics Explained Coffee Morning – Grade 2 and up

  • Thursday, May 20, 2021
  • 9:00 am
  • Log in to myYHS for the Google Meet link