Senior Tigers Update: September 12, 2019

The busy fall athletics season is underway with our students playing field hockey, volleyball, swimming, and running cross-country. This is the busiest season with approximately 50% of our senior school students competing on a YHS team. Team selection is complete for our volleyball teams and for Varsity Field Hockey. However, it is not too late to come out and join cross-country, the swim team, or Junior/Senior field hockey.

All Tigers games, meets, and competitions are on our YHS Athletics Calendar on myYHS.

Volleyball: Grade 8 Team, Junior (Grade 9-10) Team, Senior (Grade 10-12) Team
Our Senior Volleyball Team placed second in BC last year and this season will again be one of the top 3-4 AA volleyball teams in BC and one of the most talented YHS teams we have ever had. Be sure to come out and watch some outstanding volleyball and cheer on our Tigers teams!

Field Hockey: Junior (Grade 8-10) Team, Senior (Grade 9-12) Team, Varsity (Grade 8-12) Team
Our Varsity Team is our most competitive team that takes on the best hockey teams from around BC. Last season our Tigers placed 7th in BC and this season is looking for a top 4-5 finish. Come support our hockey teams!

Swim Team (Grade 8-12): All experienced swimmers welcome
Our Swim Team trains at St. George’s pool and will compete in a few local meets. Our Swim Team routinely places among the top 2-3 AA girls teams in BC and this season will again be vying for a provincial title. Please come cheer on our swimmers!

Cross-Country Running: All competitive and recreational runners welcome.
Our runners compete in local meets and everyone is welcome to come train and compete. We also have some highly competitive runners who will compete to qualify and place at the BC Championships. Our league meets are at Jericho Park and fun to watch. Come cheer on our runners!

Reminders for student-athletes and parents regarding communication:

  • Coaches make many decisions during a season. These are made with care and with what is best for the entire team. Please respect these decisions.
  • Coaches communicate regularly to players about the decisions made. However, this communication rarely reaches home. If you have a concern, ask your daughter. If she is not clear and is also concerned about something, please encourage her to speak directly to her coaches.  
  • If this first step in communication has not worked, then please feel comfortable speaking to the coaches (not immediately before or after a game). Please connect with the coach and arrange an appropriate time. 
  • We also advise a 24hr rule. If you are upset about something, please try and wait 24hrs before communicating.


Head Lines: June 2019

Well, here we are at the end of another year. Our Yorkies’ tunics and kilts will be put away for a couple of months to be replaced with shorts, sun hats, bathing suits, and flip flops. As summer begins, I can smell the hot dogs roasting on sizzling hot BBQ’s and hear the splashing and laughter of our Yorkies as they enjoy spending quality time with family and friends. Many will be off to summer camps and others will be learning new skills as they start their summer jobs or internships. Many of our families will be packing up their bags and heading off to create memories at their summer cabins or with friends on the beach. Whatever your plans are, this is a time for busy families to take a break and enjoy the best of what summer has to offer.

As we wrap up our year-end activities, it is a great time for us to reflect on an outstanding year. Our dedicated faculty and staff, having offered yet another incredible year filled with engaging learning experiences, also look forward to a well-deserved summer vacation. As I officially complete my first year as Head of York House School, I can’t help but be extremely grateful for their incredible hard work and devotion to our girls and their learning.

Recently at our commencement ceremony and the graduation banquet, our 2019 grads also expressed their deep appreciation for their teachers. They, along with all our Yorkies, have enjoyed a year filled with exploration, learning, and self-discovery. In my commencement speech, I shared with our grads that as they move on with their post-secondary journey, they will at times be faced with challenges and opportunities and that in addressing both, they will certainly be faced with taking risks. These are the tips I shared with our grads which I think can be applicable to many students and as adults as we refine our ability to take risks and make sound decisions.

On that note, whatever decisions and vacation plans you have made for your family this summer, my sincere hope for all our families is that you enjoy an incredible and restful time with your loved ones. I leave you with a little video compilation of summer vacation suggestions offered to “Marshmallow” (my lovable bear) by some of our creative Junior School students. Happy summer everyone!