YHS Overall Winner of ISEA Public Speaking Competition

ISEA Public Speaking Competition
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On Monday, April 18th, York House School hosted this years Independent School Association Public Speaking Competition.

Independent schools from Metro Vancouver and Vancouver Island brought over 200 students, student judges and teachers. Yorkies were writing, preparing and practicing speeches for months before the competition. Students competed for first, second or third place in their grades and a very high quality of speeches could be heard from every competition room in the school.

Congratulations to our York House medal winners:

Grade 4 2nd place winner: Kate N.

Grade 5 1st place winner: Kristen M.

Grade 6 2nd place winner: Jan L.

Additionally, the speeches from Yorkie’s garnered enough points to position York House School as the overall winner of the competition! Congratulations Yorkies!

The competition was a great success and could not have been put on without the amazing support of our teaching staff, our Grade 6 and 7 timer volunteers and the Senior School Ambassadors and volunteer judges. Thank you to everyone involved!

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Monica Regan
5Y Teacher

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Spring in the YHS Senior Science Wing

Raising Money for Earth RunLots of exciting events have corresponded with the coming of Spring in the science wing! From Earth Week to animal rescues, we have got it all!

Earlier this year the Earth Science 11 class investigated climate change and the science behind it. One student in the class ended up posing the question, “what can we be doing?” The students were then challenged to come up with an event that was environmentally focused, entirely student organized and would include the entire school.

Earth Week Face PaintingThey ended up planning and running an Earth Day Fair for the junior and senior school. The event took place during lunch and was aimed at raising awareness for personal practices that can be done during, and following Earth Week. Examples of reusable bags, water bottles, how to conserve energy and water were provided. The added attraction of face painting and treats, by donation, helped support Earth Run here in Vancouver.

Earth Week PosterBy the end of the fair we had a poster filled with signatures and action pledges describing what individual Yorkies were planning to do during Earth Week. Some examples included less time in the shower, unplug our cell phone chargers and using biodegradable soap. Overall it was a great success. Congratulations to the Earth Science 11 class of 2011!

Bird RescueContinuing with the Earth Week trend, the Science Lab helped an animal in need. On Tuesday one of our PE classes came across a small baby bird that was no more than a week old. It had fallen from the nest and was motionless. It was brought to the science lab where it had a warm bed and protection from the elements. Luckily the bird was uninjured and healthy. The science department called Animal Rescue and we are happy to say the bird i salive and well! The nest was also placed back in the tree beside our field and the un-hatched eggs were retuned to the nest. Thanks to all involved!

Christopher Britt
Sr. Science Teacher and Outdoor Education Coordinator

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