Having fun with Movember

The girls in 1Y have been helping Mr. Jones in his Movember quest. First, they voted to decide which moustache he should have for the month. Then, they cut out moustaches to wear for the day. Just having a little fun with the Movember theme!

1Y Having Fun with Movember
1Y Having Fun with Movember

3H at South Granville Park Lodge

3H at Granville Park Lodge
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For the past few years there has been an on going relationship between Class 3H and the seniors at South Granville Park Lodge.

During the visits, two girls are paired with one senior and they visit the same senior every month. The girls will interview their senior, read to them, chat, and make crafts. This is an amazing opportunity for the girls to make a difference in a senior’s life. They will learn how to interact with people different than themselves and they learn responsibility and empathy. The series of visits allow for the girls and the residents to build a true connection.

Nicole Sobieski, Grade 3 Teacher