Seniors with Seniors Goes Virtual

Creating opportunities for human connection is crucial for our community in a difficult time like this. Seniors with Seniors is a student-driven program that fosters intergenerational connection. In the past, this program has supported in-person visits to local Seniors’ residences to encourage connection, game-playing, and conversations. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the members of the program have had the challenge and opportunity to connect with the seniors in a new way over Zoom. This term students have been doing online singalongs with the residents at Braddan Private Hospital, singing classic songs and holiday carols. This is an opportunity for the students to connect face-to-face with the seniors again and share their positivity with the community. New ways to interact with the residents will become available as the year progresses and hopefully there will be a chance to reach out to more long-term care facilities across the Vancouver area. 

Grade 10 students Jane, Mishal, and Tori
Maire Duffy, Teacher Sponsor


Grade 6 Students Launch First-Ever “YIFF” Film Festival

Grade 6 Students Launch First-Ever YIFF (York House Internal Film Festival)

Grade 6 students have been working on the core competency of social responsibility, and they used this opportunity to defend human rights. First, they learned about human rights and the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child. Next, students chose a right they were passionate about and wrote a creative narrative about a child who had this right violated. Then, each student chose a moment from their narrative to turn into a stop motion animation. They played the role of “filmmaker” and created films for the first-ever YIFF (York House Internal Film Festival), with the goal of educating others about these issues. Their stop motion animation videos highlight a variety of violations against the Convention on the Rights of the Child. At YIFF, students walked the red carpet dressed in their best and were interviewed by some Grade 7 students (physically distanced and wearing masks, of course!). Both classes experienced a screening of their films in the Odette Tognetti Theatre. The event was live-streamed to Grade 7 classes and Grade 6 families. Fantastic work, Grade 6s!

Jacqueline McAllister
Grade 6 Teacher

Watch the recording of the live-streamed event.