Heart Heroes

One rainy afternoon in May, the girls in the junior school jumped their hearts out for Jump Rope for Heart. The event raises money for the Heart & Stroke Foundation and encourages kids to grow up healthy.

The girls collected pledges leading up to the event. The top fundraising class, 6H, was awarded a pizza lunch, for raising approximately $2600. There were rewards (“sparklers”) as each fundraising target was met, such as: civvies days (including one day where teachers dress as students!), school wide NO HOMEWORK DAY! and a movie afternoon.

During the event, there was lots of screaming and cheering as the girls encouraged their peers to hang on for a few more seconds. Those who showed a lot of spirit were able to pull a number out of a bin to win a special reward, such as participating in a one-sided water ballon fight with teachers, a silly string fight on the grass field, getting the chance to paint teachers faces, or give teacher Mr. Oates a makeover.

Donations are still trickling in, but well over $18,500 was raised for the Heart & Stroke Foundation (“hard to believe that we can raise this much in a day of skipping!” says Teacher Ms. Grills). Way to go girls! It was a fun and active afternoon, as the girls were inspired to be “Heart Heroes.”


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Casa di Moda: Annual Fashion Show

On May 26, senior textiles students showcased the designs they have been working on all year, in our Annual Fashion Show. Garments included boxer shorts, pyjamas, skirts and evening wear.

Click on the image below to view a slideshow of the girls modelling their own designs on the runway:

Casa di Moda - Annual Fashion Show
Click on image for slideshow
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