Ally Week: Choose to be an ally and a friend

Did you know…

Over one-third of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered (LGBT) youth have experienced some form of physical harassment?

Three-quarters of students report hearing derogatory remarks toward LGBT people, frequently in school.

Why should YOU care if you don’t identify as LGBT?

Along with students across North America, York House is celebrating Ally Week from October 18-22. Ally Week is a week for students to organize events that identify, support and celebrate Allies against anti-LGBT language, bullying and harassment in schools.

During Monday’s assembly students watched a video that shows how important it is to make our school a welcoming place for all students regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. Allies play a vital role in making schools safer for all students.

Students and staff are encouraged to sign the Ally Pledge which states:

I believe all students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity/expression, deserve to feel safe and supported. That means I pledge to:

1. Not use anti-LGBT language and slurs;
2. Intervene, if I safely can, in situations where other students are being harassed;
3. Support efforts to end bullying and harassment.

Watch the video below and take the Ally Pledge now at

Grade 1’s tour the museum & archives

Gr. 1's Tour the Museum & Archives
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The Grade 1’s were the first YHS class to tour the York House School Alumnae Museum & Archives since its official grand opening on Founders’ Day .

The class had a chance to see gems from the school’s history on display in the cabinets and take a peek into the archival storage area where almost 80 years of YHS history awaits processing!

Archivist Susannah Smith noted that the girls were very curious about the photos, artifacts and uniforms on display. They took particular interest in the boy’s uniform, school jewellery, the green and white gingham dress that the junior girls wore from the 30s through the 70s, the bloomers and pumpkin (gym) suit from the 1960s, and the fact that York House girls used to wear ties.

A 1975 photo of St. George’s boys and York House girls competing on Reach for the Top spawned a lively discussion about whose brothers were currently attending St. George’s.

The museum provides a fascinating look through York House’s history…a must-see for all Yorkies!

Museum: 8:30-4:00pm Monday to Friday.
Archives: By appointment only: