Grade 3 and 4 Virtual Outdoor Ed Camp

This month the Grade 3 and 4 students have each embarked on an at-home camp-inspired learning day. 

Students began the day by choosing from a multitude of optional activities such as outdoor-inspired arts and crafts, games, creation time, and self-directed learning. Then, they helped create their own lunches and ate them outdoors or as close to nature as their homes allowed. In the afternoons they used their imagination and problem-solving skills to build their own forts, and what forts were created! Every one unique, like their architects. In the evening, families tuned in from each student’s fort for a facilitated virtual campfire experience complete with stories, songs, and talents. 

If our Yorkies have inspired you to recreate the Outdoor Ed experience, along with the outdoor meals and fort-making, here are some ideas to try at home:

  • Make your own boat from recycled materials around the home. Does it float?
  • Scavenger hunt
  • Wild art: create a piece of art using only natural materials
  • Rock tower: how many rocks can you balance to crate a rock sculpture?
  • Cloud watching: do you see a shape?
  • Bird watching: how many different types of birds can you see and hear from your backyard?

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Grade 3 and 4 African Drumming Workshop

Grades 3 and 4 participated in a high-energy African drumming workshop with visiting musician Fana Soro. Fana is an internationally-acclaimed musician from the Ivory Coast. He taught the girls the “djembe”, West Africa’s most popular drum.

Part of the French program is to learn about French-speaking countries around the world. This workshop allowed the girls to use French to communicate with someone from another country while learning how to play the “djembe”. Fana also shared his call and response songs in his mother tongue of Senoufo.

It was fun interacting with Fana in French, and to laugh with him while discovering his culture. Merci Fana!

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