Gr. 8-11 Prizegiving

Congratulations to the following award recipients. Prizes were awarded at the Gr. 8-11 Prizegiving Ceremony on Thursday, June 9th.

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Board of Governors’ Awards:
Fiona, Gr. 11
Tammy, Gr. 10
Hannah, Gr. 9
Amneet, Gr. 8

Founders’ Awards:
Fine Arts: Jessica, Gr. 11
English: Liana, Gr. 11
Science: Kira, Gr. 11
Math: Jalisa, Gr. 11
Social Studies: Isabelle, Gr. 11
Modern Languages: Bridget, Gr. 11
Athletics: Elise, Gr. 11

Parents’ Association Citizenship Awards:
Elise, Gr. 11
Kennedy, Gr.10
Pepi, Gr. 9
Maggie, Gr. 8

New Girl Award for Top Academics and Good Citizenship: Maya, Gr. 8
Senior Spirit Trophy: Rainy, Gr. 11
Sherry Robson Taylor Alumnae Spirit Award: Camryn, Gr. 10
Joan Sorensen Award: Fiona, Gr. 11
Tognetti Student Initiative Award: Tammy, Gr. 10

Duke of Edinburgh (Bronze): Parisa, Gr. 9; Pepi, Gr. 9; Hanna, Gr. 9; Kyra, Gr. 10; Kristen, Gr. 10; Paris, Gr. 9; Allison, Gr. 9; Taylor, Gr. 9
Duke of Edinburgh (Silver): Ariana, Gr. 10; Marissa, Gr. 11; Elise, Gr. 11; Georgia, Gr. 11
Duke of Edinburgh (Gold): Marysa, Gr. 11

P.E. Outstanding Effort & Progress Award: Maggie, Gr. 8; Fiona, Gr. 9; Anissa, Gr. 10

Art 11 Award: Christina
Art 10 Award: Ysabella
Art 9 Award: Jessica
Art 8 Award: Charlene
Sr. Drama Award: Julia. Gr. 11
Sr. Technical Theatre Ward: Jessica, Gr. 11
Drama 10 Award: Anna
Drama 9 Award: Devon
Drama 8 Award: Maya
Music 11 Award: Fiona, Emily
Music 10 Award: Ariana, Sarah
Music 9 Award: Jessica, Stefi
Music 8 Award: Allison K., Allison J.
Textiles 11 Award: Lauren
Textiles 10 Award: Sarah
Textiles 9 Award: Justyna
Textiles 8 Award: Annie
Textiles Award for Service & Leadership: Claire, Gr. 11

English 11/12 Award: Alex, Gr. 11
English 11 Award: Elise
English 10 Award: Anna
English 9 Award: Talia
English 8 Award: Madeleine
AP Computer Science Award: Jessica, Gr. 11; Fiona, Gr. 11
Programming 11 Award: Caitlyn, Gr. 10
Digital Media 11 Award: Charlotte, Gr. 10
Art 9 New Media Award: Aleisha
Info Tech 8 Award: Sophia

Dr. Daniel Koo Award in Science (Biology): Anna, Gr. 10
Dr. Daniel Koo Award in Science (Chemistry): Elise, Gr. 11
Dr. Daniel Koo Award in Science (Physics): Bridget, Gr. 11
Biology 12 Award: Elise, Gr. 11
Biology 11 Award: Ariana, Gr. 10
Chemistry 11 Award: Fiona
Physics 11 Award: Emily, Gr. 11; Taylor, Gr. 11
Science 10 Award: Cici
Science 9 Award: Grace
Science 8 Award: Alexandra

Pre-Calculus 12 Award: Melissa, Gr. 11; Rainy, Gr. 11
Pre-Calculus 11 Award: Liana
Pre-Calculus 11 Honours Award: Justine, Gr. 10
Pre-Calculus 11 Accelerated Award: Tammy, Gr. 10
Math 10 Award: Madison
Math 10 Honours Award: Yvonne, Gr. 9
Math 9 Award: Grace
Math 8 Award: Carmel
Lianne McLean Excellence in Math Award: Angela, Gr. 9; Rebecca, Gr. 8
Dr. Daniel Koo Award in Math: Kira, Gr. 11

Harris Law Scholarship: Kira, Gr. 11
Salisbury Foundation Award for Canadian History: Bridget, Gr. 11
AP Comparative Government Award: Emily, Gr. 11
AP Macro-Economics Award: Margaux, Gr. 11
Law 12 Award: Maggie, Gr. 11
History 12 Award: Rosa, Gr. 10
Social Studies 11 Award: Louise
Social Studies 10 Award: Zoe
Social Studies 9 Award: Devon
Ethics 9 Award: Ariel
Social Studies 8 Award: Tess

Liu-Fei Family Award for Excellence in Languages: Marysa, Gr. 11
Spanish 12 Award: Jenna, Gr. 11
Spanish 11/12 Award: Maggie, Gr. 11
Spanish 11 Intro Award: Alexandra, Gr. 10
French 11/12 Award: Taylor, Gr. 11
French 11 Pre-AP Award: Rainy, Gr. 10
French 10 Honours Award: Miranda
French 10 Accelerated Award: Claire
French 10 Award: Mackenzie
Spanish 10 Award: Ariana
French 9 Award: Ariel
French 8 Award: Tess, Maggie
French 8 Intro Award: Emma

Sr. Athlete of the Year Award: Elise, Gr. 11
Jr. Athlete of the Year Award: Meg, Gr. 10
Grade 11 Athlete of the Year: Sophia
Grade 10 Athlete of the Year: Alexandra
Grade 9 Athlete of the Year: Isobel
Grade 8 Athlete of the Year: Akash

Gr. 9 Como Lake Mural Project

Screen Shot 2016-04-01 at 10.06.53 AM.pngJust before spring break, Grade 9 art students worked together to create a mural for Como Lake Gardens, a YWCA community housing facility for low-income women.

I connected with the YWCA last summer, in the hopes they would have a facility that would benefit from a happy and positive mural. I was referred to their Como Lake Gardens facility in Coquitlam where the counselling staff focuses on teaching the 30 women residing there, skills such as how to be more assertive, and positive conflict resolution. Como Lake also offers its residents a community kitchen, a laundry room, a park, and a play area for the 40 children currently living there.

The Como Lake building is new and very modern, but it wasn’t very welcoming to the children. This is where our Yorkies came in. They spent months brainstorming, designing, planning, and voting for the design that would transform the main wall at the entrance of the building, which is adjacent to the common play area. Their challenge was to create a mural that would inspire a sense of community and would also be appealing to young children.

The result was amazing! With many decisions to be made from start to finish, our Grade 9 girls embraced the project with a tremendous level of enthusiasm and maturity. I was there only to guide!

In only one day, they worked tirelessly to complete the mural. The result is a beautiful mural that is bright, happy, and something they are deservedly proud of. The feedback we have since received from the residents and staff has been extremely positive; they are overjoyed, and amazed at how the mural changed the energy of the space. I am so very proud of the commitment and creativity of our girls!

Watch the time lapse video of the girls completing the mural.

Angela Jurgensen
Sr. Art Teacher