Gr. 8 Science Fair Projects

By: Grade 8 Teachers Mr. Britt and Mrs. Dombroski

Entering into the Senior School can be a big change for the Grade 8’s here at York House. The expectations with new schedules, teachers and classes can be overwhelming. Upon entering the Senior Science wing the Grade 8’s come to terms with what is expected of them. From class work, homework to scantron tests and quizzes – the year moves quickly.

One of the major projects the Grade 8’s were involved in from September to December this year was investigating Life Sciences and the Scientific Method. In alignment with BC’s Year of Science, each of our Grade 8’s have developed a unique science fair project. They have completed numerous proposals, gone through many drafts and have created a presentation which involved a rigorous cross-examination by their peers.

Some of the topics explored included: caffeine’s effect on the body, brain and memory functions, acids and bases, fungal growth, friction and planes, and many others!! Some of the projects will be displayed in the Science Wing this term, please stop and take a look.

All the Grade 8’s deserve to be congratulated on their hard work and diligence in their science investigations! The Regional Science Fair is coming up and we look forward to refining some of the projects even further.

Next Service Saturday: Jan 29

The next Service Saturday is coming up, and there’s lots of great organizations for Yorkies to lend a helping hand to:

Food Bank
The girls can learn more about where donated items go, and how the Food Bank operates, all while stocking shelves and assisting with donations.

The Wish Drop-in Centre
Learn more about an eastside organization that provides support to women who do or have worked on the streets. Volunteer Yorkies will tour the facility with the Executive Director, and clean & sort donations.

Mission Possible
Learn more about this christian organization, which provides housing, work and support to youth and adults in the downtown eastside.

For more information, see Community Service Board and sign-up by Tuesday, January 25. Feel free to email Ms. Stanger as well.

See you on Service Saturday!

More Service Learning News:


A group of 16 committed Grade 11’s and 12’s have been volunteering their time with the KidSafe program every Tuesday since September. KidSafe provides support to at-risk youth by providing programs when traditional schools are closed.

Thanks to our drivers Mr. Junkeer, Mr. Braune and Mr. Sinclair, our students leave YHS and arrive at Queen Alexandra Elementary school at 3:30 pm. Each York House tutor is partnered with a Grade 6 or Grade 7 student who has been recommended for the program by their teachers. Our tutors help students with their homework, chat, play card games and do group activities together. The York House tutors have been outstanding – always there, showing kindness and patience and above all, show a personal interest in the students and what they are going through.