Terry Fox Run 2020

This year marked the 40th anniversary of Terry Fox’s Marathon of Hope. We have typically led a YHS run/walk in the neighborhood as a whole school community. Due to COVID-19, our Terry Fox Run was held in small groups during our PHE (Physical & Health Education) classes on September 29th and 30th. We were delighted that we were still able to join together as a YHS community to support the Terry Fox Foundationan organization that supports cancer research, and honours the people we know and have known and loved who have lived with cancer.

With the generous donations of Junior and Senior School students, YHS raised $1900.00 to donate to the Terry Fox Foundation.

Thank you to Tahlia and Riley, our Community Service Captains in the Senior School, who helped organize the event. Thank you also to our Physical Health Education Teachers who held the event in their classrooms. Congratulations to the whole school community for supporting this wonderful annual community-building event!

Students Contribute to ISABC Literary Publication

Ariadne has arrived! Congratulations to our writers!

Congratulations to the following students whose work has been published in the ISABC Literary Journal, Ariadne: Spooling Student Stories Vol. II.

  • Grade 9: Gaurangi, Joyce
  • Grade 10: Ariel, Millie, Emma, Isabella, Layla, Joyce
  • Grade 11: Annika, Bianca, Zoe
  • Grade 12: Sophie, Anne, Sabina, Kai, Jacqueline, Talia, Frances, Clare, Isabel, Tera, Coco
  • Graduates: Phoebe, Amy, Alisa, Robyn, Amneet

Ariadne: Spooling Student Stories was conceived in 2018 by Sara Sjerven, Assistant Director of Junior School (then Senior School English Teacher), and Alexandra Lesk, Senior School English Teacher. They had been inspired by the student voice publication put out by BCTELA (British Columbia Teachers of English Language Arts Association), where the work of the province’s public school students could find a wider authentic audience. 

Sara and Alex thought the students from ISABC schools (Independent Schools Association of BC) would also appreciate this same opportunity. They began by inviting contributions from ISABC schools to submit poetry, creative nonfiction, and short stories for consideration to be included in the inaugural issue which was delivered in the autumn of 2019. In Ariadne’s second year, not only did submissions increase significantly, but the publication also opened up an opportunity for a competition to create the cover art to all ISABC students. 

Sara and Alex are very proud to have witnessed the fulfillment of their vision of a venue that celebrates and promotes the humanities throughout ISABC, fosters inter-school collaboration, and develops the core competencies of creativity and communication. As was always the plan when they proposed this project to Elizabeth Moore, the Executive Director of the ISABC, Sara and Alex have passed this endeavour onto another ISABC school to lead. Next year, it will be members of the English Department at Crofton House School in whom they have full confidence, who will continue to create an authentic audience for ISABC student writing.

Here are some of our proud students with their publications: