Welcome Back BBQ

On Friday, September 11, The YHS Parents’ Association hosted what is now becoming an annual tradition — the Welcome Back BBQ.

Dads were on the grill, cooking up hotdogs and hamburgers, Senior girls organized games on the field for the little ones, and there were student performers to keep everyone entertained.

Special thanks to event organizers Zahra Rasul, Farrell Eckman, Kelly Liu, Jenny Kusumoto, Junko Harvey and all our parent volunteers.

Back to School!

The Welcoming Committee
The Welcoming Committee!

The welcoming committee was out in full force this morning. Staff and members of the Student Executive were here bright and early to greet students and parents as they arrived at the front doors of the Senior School. Watch the video.

The Senior School also held the first assembly of the year. Head Girl Ally welcomed staff and students, and Ms. Gionet had the chance to formally address students, staff & faculty as the new Head of School. She shared with us words of wisdom from Founder and first Head of School Lena Cotsworth Clarke, whose portrait now hangs in the Senior School entrance. Ms. Gionet also shared an inspiring “pep talk” from “Kid President”.

The Junior School was abuzz with excitement as well. Parents reconnected, and the girls checked the posted lists to see who is in their class.

What an exciting morning! All the best for 2014-15!
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