Grade 10 Virtual Career Fair

Our mission at York House is to inspire and enable students’ connection to the world. To help young women thrive now and into the future, we want to expose them to a world of possibilities. To do this, we strive to bring the world to the school and the students to the world in meaningful, relevant, and lively ways. The Career-Life Connections Program (CLC) at YHS is one hub for exploration and experimentation where young women can explore future pathways.

Thank you to Ita Kane-Wilson, Alumnae Relations and Annual Giving Manager, and Jaclyn Murray, the YHS Career-Life Connections and Capstone Coordinator, for coordinating the school’s first Virtual Career Fair for Grade 10 students. Thank you, also, to parents, alumnae, and community members who generously gave of their time, shared their own experiences, and brought careers to life for York House students. 

Kara McDonald
Director of Learning


On Friday, February 5, as a part of the Grade 10 Career-Life Connections Program and in collaboration with the Alumnae Office, YHS hosted its first virtual Career Fair. The purpose and focus of this event was to give students first-hand knowledge and information about careers in six different industries. These included: Business & Entrepreneurship, Fashion & Interior Design, and Medical & Health Sciences, Engineering & Technology, Film & TV, Law & the Music Industry. Students heard from alumnae and parents who are working in these fields and generously offered to explore with students a day in the life of their career.

The Career Fair took place during students’ Career-Life Connections 10 class where students participated in two 30-minute sessions and heard about two different industries of interest. Each online session had two guest speakers who presented to help provide either a complementary or contrasting perspective in a particular field/industry, with an opportunity at the end for students to ask questions. 

Thank you to the following YHS Alumnae and Parents for making this event possible. Click on the links for bios:

Students were excited from the outset to hear first-hand from leaders and change-makers in our community. There was a buzz in the hallways in response to the engaging and informative sessions. Our hope is that students felt energized and inspired and took away insights that may inform their decision-making of next steps and future possibilities. 

Jaclyn Murray
Career-Life Connections & Capstone Coordinator


YHS Introduces Project Wayfinder for our Grade 8 & 9 Students

York House School is very excited to share with you our launch of Project Wayfinder in Career and Life Connections with our Grade 8 and Grade 9 students on December 4, 2020. Here at YHS, we have an incredible opportunity to learn fromand work withProject Wayfinder, a team from Stanford d. School, who have developed a program and a toolkit that, “equips students with skills, knowledge, and confidence to become purposeful navigators of their lives.” 

Inspired by practices of traditional wayfinding techniques and navigating one’s way in the natural world, Project Wayfinder provides students with opportunities to think about their own individual purpose and how that connects to their ‘greater why’ as they explore their personal identity—and individual strengths—and to discover what deeply matters to them through a variety of exercises and activities. 

In my role as Career-Life Connections and Capstone Coordinator at YHS, I believe that navigating one’s own personal and career-life journey must first begin with knowing and gaining an understanding of who you are as an individual. This idea of ‘knowing yourself’  is at the very heart of YHS Learning Framework and plays an important role in preparing our students for their futures in becoming ethical global citizens. By engaging in reflective practice and using self-assessments in the Project Wayfinder toolkit, students will develop an awareness of their own personal strengths, preferences, and skills—a curricular competency of the BC curriculumthat will serve as the foundation of our YHS Career and Life Connections (CLC) program in Grades 8 and 9 as students develop their own journey, with purpose. 

It is important to note that these toolkits have been provided by YHS and that students should keep them at school (unless told otherwise) and not to take them home (the cost to students/or families to replace missing toolkits is $50). 

If you have any questions about Project Wayfinder, please do not hesitate to contact me. 

Jaclyn Murray
Career-Life Connections and Capstone Coordinator