Junior Tigers Update: October 24, 2019

The Grade 7A team participated in the Southridge Storm Invitational tournament this past week. This tournament is a unique opportunity as it is a volleyball tournament and not a Tripleball tournament. The game of game format gave our girls a glimpse of what volleyball looks like in Grade 8. The team played very well, finishing first in their pool, and then advancing to the semi-final, when they lost a very tight match to Crofton House. The team is very much looking forward to the ISEA Tournament on November 4. All the best to our Tigers!

Our Grade 7B participated in their final league match this week. They lost to a tough Stratford Hall team, and have finished fifth in their division. Clearly, the Tigers are playing in the stronger division, having recently beaten the top team in the other division. Next up is the ISEA Tournament on November 4. This tournament will be played at YHS, and the Tigers are very much looking to take advantage of playing on their home court. Good luck Tigers! 

Our Grade 6 team wrapped up their season with the ISEA Playday on October 18. The team travelled to the Harry Jerome Sports Centre for the big event. Our girls won several games, lost a few, and had a great time. It was great to have so many girls participating and we owe a big thank you to our coaches Mrs. Kanavos and Mr. Alguire. 

This week, our Grade 5 team took that short ride over to St. John’s School to play in the ISEA Grade 5 Volleyball Playday on October 22. The girls have improved tremendously and have grasped the concepts associated with playing great volleyball. Thanks to all of the girls who came out and participated, and a BIG THANKS to our coaches Mrs. Zimmer and Ms. Anthony.

The Cross-Country Tigers roared into the ISEA Cross-Country Championships on October 23. The Tigers took to the course with their sights clearly set on defending our title. Down at Jericho Beach, with a gentle breeze and the sun shining each Grade took their turn to rip around the course. Amazingly, each Grade finished in the top 3 overall leading us to a fantastic 2nd place finish. Congratulations to the Cross Country Running team on an amazing season. We are very proud of the girls’ efforts and results. We are also very proud of the fantastic spirit the team displayed each week, and it was evident once again at the ISEA Championships, as our team made a huge effort to cheer on the final runners from each team. Every one of our coaches is a difference-maker and we are very lucky to have such a great coaching staff. Thank you to Mrs. Ling, Ms. Abbott, Ms. Kingerlee, Ms. Pearkes, Ms. Adams, Mrs. Ryerson, Mrs. Waterhouse, and Ms. Sharpe. 

The Swim Team sign-up opens Thursday (October 24),  and will close on November 8th. Due to conflicts with the St. George’s School pool, we have adjusted our practice schedule slightly. 

Please see below:
Monday 6:30 – 7:30 am:  Grades 3 – 4
Monday 3:15 – 5:30 pm:  Grades 5 – 7 (will be bussed to SGS)
Wednesday 6:30 – 7:30 am:  Grades 3 – 7

The first practices will be held on November 18.

Sign-up for Basketball opens Thursday (October 24). Basketball practices will begin following the Remembrance Day holiday. The schedule for each team is below:

Grade 5: Monday/Wednesday 7:20 – 8:20 am
Grade 6: Tuesday/Thursday 7:20 – 8:20 am
Grade 7A: Tuesday 3:15 – 4:45 pm and Friday 7:20 – 8:20 am

*Grade 7B There is not enough student interest to organize a 7B team.

Senior Tigers Update: October 17, 2019


Good luck to our teams this week as we embark on the busiest weekend of the entire school year!

  • Senior Volleyball at Western Canadian Independent Schools Championships (WCISVC) at Rundle College in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Junior Volleyball at ISA Championships hosted by St Michaels University School (SMUS) in Victoria.
  • Grade 8 Volleyball ISA Championships hosted by Southpointe Academy in Tsawwassen.
  • Varsity Field Hockey at ISA Championships hosted by Crofton House.
  • Senior Field Hockey at ISA Tournament hosted by Shawnigan Lake School.
  • Junior Field Hockey at ISA Championships hosted by Shawnigan Lake School.
  • Cross-Country Team and Swim Team prepare for zone championships coming up next week.

Go Tigers!


The subject of “recruitment” for athletes is top of mind these days among all schools in BC. 

In the context of BC high school sports, recruiting is simply not allowed. 

BC School Sports (BCSS) is the governing body of high school sports (Grade 8-12) in BC and they have clear rules around student eligibility and recruiting.

Recruiting has never been allowed. However, last March, BCSS outlined new terms and definitions of recruiting. As a result of these new broader guidelines, schools all over BC have changed some of their practices. For example, schools will not use photos of teams/athletes with BCSS championship banners on public websites or in marketing material. Photos like this may appear in internal blogs and news bulletins for the school community but not in our advertising.

All schools in BC essentially recruit students. Vancouver is awash with many schools that all promote their programs to attract students. Independent schools all promote their school and programs to attract students. While this is allowed, using athletics or enticement from a school to attend for athletic purposes is not allowed. As a result, it is important that YHS staff, coaches, players, and parents understand just how broad the new guidelines around recruiting are. Please see the BCSS Recruiting Definition.

BC School Sports also enforce rules that restrict student transfers after Grade 9.

Students attend any school they want in Grade 8 and they are allowed to freely transfer schools any time before the start of Grade 9. If a student transfers after the start of Grade 9, they must meet very specific criteria in order to be eligible to play or else they must sit out 12 months before becoming eligible to compete. These rules are not new. Back in the 1990s, when Steve Nash transferred to St Michaels University School (SMUS), he sat out 12 months before he was eligible to play basketball for SMUS.

Schools with excellent programs attract student-athletes. Having an excellent program and attracting student-athletes is not recruiting. Parents and students are free to seek out the best school for their child. However, the school must not play a role in enticing or pressuring students to attend. 

York House has enjoyed tremendous success in many sports over the past 20 years and has, no doubt, attracted students as a result of our success and reputation. Many excellent athletes have chosen to attend YHS. However, York House has never actively recruited students for the purpose of athletics.

If you have any questions regarding this please do let me know.

David Prissinotti
Senior Athletics Director