YHS Teams Come out on Top at Global Finals

Gr. 6 Destination Imagination Team Places First, Senior Team Places Sixth


The Grade 6 Destination Imagination (DI) Team “True or False” placed first in the Fine Arts challenge and picked up a Renaissance Award at the DI Global Finals. Not to be outdone, the Senior Team tied for sixth place – an impressive finish in this age category. Global Finals, the “world’s largest celebration of creativity”, was held from May 24 to May 27 in Knoxville, Tennessee. Our students competed along with more than 1400 teams from 21 different countries.

20160526JM_FineArts-196-1930x1288The Grade 6 team’s challenge required creating a mystery story, performed in traverse staging, set in a well researched period of time before 1990, with three suspects, three potential endings, and a “techniclue” (uses scientific methods to help solve the mystery). The girls set their mystery performance during the end of the Elizabethan era when Shakespeare was popular, and they worked very hard to have every aspect of their performance true to the era. They researched books and online sources, consulted with experts, looked at paintings, movies, and plays to create the costumes, makeup, characters, traverse staging techniques, plot, and language. They had sewing lessons and were each responsible for researching and designing their own costumes. They wrote the script in modern English and then researched Elizabethan and Shakespearean language and translated every line to suit the era. Grade 6 students Bianca, Sophie B., Zoë and Sophie F., were recognized for their “dynamic Elizabethan performance using a minimalist set, outstanding acting, stunning makeup, and stellar costumes.” Watch this video of their performance.

The Junior Team also won the Renaissance Award at both the Regional and Provincial tournaments this year. Thank you to volunteer parent team manager Anna Galvin for her incredible support.

Chamkaur Cheema, coach of the Senior Team, and dad to Anisha, Gr. 12, has coached this team since the girls were in Kindergarten! Anisha and her dad drove down to Knoxville for the competition, which allowed for some father-daughter bonding time before Anisha heads to university this fall. Congratulations also go to Anisha, who was awarded as a Destination Imagination Scholar and will be receiving a scholarship from DIHQ. Anisha was also selected as the flag bearer for the BC contingent at the Global Finals opening ceremony. Watch Anisha, Emily, Julianna, Maren, Rebecca and Sarah at Global Finals in this video. These girls have learned that it is incredibly fun and rewarding to work together, take risks, and experience the creative process.


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YHS Places 1st in Category at Destination Imagination Regionals

The YHS Destination Imagination team “True or False” captured the Renaissance Award and first place in the middle level category for their challenge, at the Destination Imagination Regional Tournament.  The Renaissance Award recognizes those who demonstrate extraordinary amounts of effort and preparation in their solutions or outstanding skill in engineering, design or performance. The “True or False” team also claimed a top spot at the Destination Imagination Global Finals last May in Knoxville, Tennessee. They were the only elementary school team in Canada to place in the top three of the international competition.

Way to go girls!