Gr. 7s at the Michael Smith Labs

On January 19, Gr. 7H spent the day at the Michael Smith Labs at UBC. The girls participated in two different workshops.

In the morning, they performed an experience where they isolated their own DNA, and then they had the chance to load and run a DNA gel. This process uses electricity to separate DNA fragments.

In the afternoon, the girls worked on a screenplay, which they performed in front of a camera. The themes addressed in the screenplays were linked to the experiment in both direct and indirect ways.

See the girls in action in these photos taken by Mr. Camp:

Grade 1: Collage & Print Making and Science Magnet Workshop

Learning happens in many different ways at all the grade levels. Last week, some of our Grade 1 students went to the Burnaby Art Gallery where they saw First Nations and Inuit prints and participated in a collage- and print-making workshop. They also took part in a magnet workshop at York House as part of their Science curriculum. Here are some photos of their experience: