“The Day the Internet Died”

Congratulations to our cast and crew of The Day the Internet Died by Ian McWethy and Jason Pizzarello. This year’s York House production has been so much fun to produce. Not a single rehearsal went by without me laughing from my seat — at the hilarious characters and dialogue delivered so well by our excellent actors, the relatable storyline and the sheer, and the undeniable truth of today’s society: that we are highly dependent on the internet.

Our talented cast and crew from Grades 8 to 12, including a Grade 10 student from Saint George’s, displayed amazing leadership skills and initiative throughout the rehearsal period, executing almost all aspects of the production themselves. From blocking their scenes and learning lines; to designing lighting, costumes, set pieces, props and projections; to directing; to set transitions, these students have worked hard together to bring you a fun, relatable, and professional production — despite the fact that we lost over nine hours of rehearsal time due to the snow and a power outage! In fact, they also worked together to write two additional scenes for the show, which were a huge success with the audience. 

I would like to thank the following people for their help in getting this play up and running: 

Mr. Stan Figaj for building us the fabulous set pieces; Mr. Hayden Guy for coordinating the tech booth and teaching the tech club students how to operate the lighting, sound and projections themselves; Mr. Jonathan Lee for his wonderful photography which was displayed in both the foyer and on the set pieces; all the teachers who helped out decorating the set pieces and with Front of House duties; and finally, Mr. Mathew Chyzyk, for being my right-hand man at every rehearsal. I couldn’t have done it without all of them. 

We hope The Day the Internet Died made you laugh, learn, and maybe question your own internet usage along the way! Thank you for your support of yet another YHS production, and we look forward to seeing you in the audience again next year for a musical (title to be confirmed!)

Ms. Keira Louis
Director/Drama Teacher


Congratulations, Drama Yorkies!

A huge congratulations goes out to all Drama 10, 11 and 12 students who performed at the Thespys Festival. It was clear that they were among some of the best performers at the festival, taking home seven Superior Ribbons and three Excellent Ribbons in all categories of Acting, including Monologues, Duets and Group Scenes, and Musical Theatre solo pieces.

Special mention goes out to the following students who received Superior and Excellent Ribbons:

  • Monologues: Lucy (Gr. 11), Storm (Gr. 12), and Yirui (Gr. 12) [Superior]
  • Duet Acting: Emilie (Gr. 12), and Sophie (Gr. 10) [Excellent]
  • Group Acting: Parker (Gr. 10),  Lucy (Gr. 11), Maddie (Gr. 11), and Storm (Gr. 11 [Superior]
  • Group Acting: Amanda Donaldson-McFarlane (Gr. 12) and Saint Georges Students [Superior]
  • Group Acting: Sarah (Gr. 12), Yirui (Gr. 12), and Kennedy (Gr. 12) [Excellent]
  • Group Acting: Kate (Gr. 10), Lucy (Gr. 10) and Sophia (Gr. 10) [Excellent]
  • Musical Theatre Solos: Parker (Gr. 10); Amanda (Gr. 12), and Emilie (Gr. 12 [Superior]
  • Kai (Gr. 10), Natalie (Gr. 10) and Nicole (Gr. 10) are also to be congratulated on what was an awesome performance – well done, everyone!

ALL students performed at an extremely high level and Mr. Chyzyk and I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Kiera Louis
Drama Teacher