A Fun & Festive Food Bank Frenzy

This year, we had to reinvent our annual Food Bank Frenzy. With the help of Mr. Jackson, Ms. Green, our Grade 7 leaders, and myself, we came up with a fun and festive way to donate to the local Food Bank—a door decorating competition! For every two cans of food that students brought in, they were awarded a sheet of paper in their House Colour to add to their door. This year, our Yorkies, including the Little School, donated over 3,000 items to the Food Bank, tripling our usual donation size. We needed to order a second round of boxes because donations did not stop coming in. Once the Food Bank collected our items they weighed each box. York House collected 3,248 Ibs @ 2.62$/Ibs, for a grand total of $8,509.76. We crushed it this year! 

A big thank you to all who encouraged our students to support this worthwhile initiative, to those who helped organize the many aspects of this fabulous event, to our families that donated canned foods, and a special thank you to those who helped with the transfer of the many boxes to the Food Bank truck.

Monique Marcotte
Physical Education Teacher

Food Bank Frenzy!

On October 11, our young Yorkies took to the field for Food Bank Frenzy. It is one big relay that has provided a fun and active way for our school to support the Greater Vancouver Food Bank Society for over 10 years. 

The goal of the Food Bank Frenzy is to raise awareness of the Food Bank’s needs, to show off our school spirit, and of course, to have a friendly House competition. Each House Team must race 200 non-perishable food items around the course. It is amazing to watch 800 items of food zip around the field. When we add the surplus items and generosity of our Grade 1 and 2 students, our community collected over 1000 items of food for the GVFB!

A big thank you to our House Leaders who prepared their teams. Also, a big thank you to each family for your donation. Way to go York House!