Noele, Grade 4, Wins French-writing Contest with AIM Language Learning

Noele, Grade 4, and Madame Céline, her Grade 3 French Teacher

In March 2020, the world went into lockdown and learned to live in a pandemic world. After Spring Break 2020, students and teachers alike learned how to teach online, facing and overcoming new challenges. During this difficult time, Noele decided to take part in a publishing contest promoted by AIM Language Learning, supported by her French teacher, Madame Céline. The AIM French language program was created by a previous York House School teacher, Wendy Maxwell, and adopted by York House in 1991. This method of teaching is now used in grades  SK to Grade 6 for learning French at YHS. 

While resuming her French classes online last year, Noele wrote a story inspired by her Grade 3 French play, ‘Les animaux du bayou’. Her story, called ‘L’arrivée d’un étranger’ (‘The arrival of a stranger’), tells the story of the lion Mamadou. Mamadou the lion is visiting Louisiana where Suzie the mouse and her friends live. Mamadou gets hurt, and he calls for help. Suzie helps him but her friends are more suspicious of this stranger. They do not want to help nor welcome him into their friendly group. Suzie is the only one showing some kindness to him. Later on, Suzie’s friends get into trouble and Mamadou won’t hesitate to help. 

Noele won the publishing contest with her story, and her piece is now featured in the AIM e-readers selection. It’s available for sale for all French students and teachers using this methodology. Noele really enjoyed writing this book, and she’s currently working on her next story. Congratulations Noele! Félicitations!

Madame Céline

French Plays in the Junior School

This year is like no other, but school life goes on—almost—like usual. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 studied a new French play this year. While the Grade 1s explored the story of “The Three Little Pigs” in French, the Grade 2s used different ways of transportation to help Marie find her friend Pierre living in Paris. Meanwhile, the Grade 3s travelled to Africa to explore Sénégal, one of the many French-speaking countries in this continent. They had to find water for four very thirsty animals. Our Grade 4 students met again with our famous ‘Louis la grenouille’ character in his quest to find a friend that enjoys his music…and fall in love! Sibling rivalry was the main topic of the Grade 5 French plays, and the girls had a lot of fun playing Aïsha and Raoul fighting all the time. In Grade 6, it was all about a fairy tale…gone wrong in this funny version of “Little Red Riding Hood”. Ask any Grade 6 student what happened to the wolf!

Learning a language through plays and stories is one of the strengths of the AIM Program at the Junior School. Extensive work is done through scaffolding written and reading activities to deepen the understanding of the story and to reach a level of fluency that keeps improving over the years. Le français en s’amusant!

Mme Céline

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