Spring Outdoor Education Day Trips: SK, Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 3, and Grade 11

SK, Grade 1 and Grade 2 Beach Days (May and June):
This spring, the primary classes traveled to Acadia Beach for a day of exploration at the beach! Students learned about the tide patterns and marine life present in Vancouver, making many exciting new discoveries. The day was spent hunting for crabs, seashells, and the much-coveted sea glass! Other exciting wildlife that was spotted included eagles, herons, fish, and tadpoles. The Grade 1s also had the exciting opportunity to have the Grade 10 Outdoor Education class join them on their excursion, leading them in fun icebreaker activities and collaborative games. 

Senior Kindergarten:

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Grade 1:

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 Grade 2:

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 Grade 3 Trip to Lighthouse Park (May 24):
This spring the Grade 3 students traveled together to Lighthouse Park for a full day of discovery and exploration. Working with the staff from Sea to Sky Outdoor School, the grade 3s participated in a hike, numerous forest games, beach exploration, and learned about the ecology and geography of the land. This was an exciting day for all, filled with lots of new learning experiences and beautiful moments in the outdoors. 

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Grade 11 Day Hike in Squamish (May 30):
At the end of May, the Grade 11 cohort was able to embark on their long-overdue hiking trip together. Having to cancel the original date back in October due to an atmospheric river, students were excited to finally get outside together and explore, taking a break from school before the exam season began. A wonderful opportunity to release stress and enjoy some fresh air, students hiked trails on the Stawamus Chief and Mount Crumpit.

Grade 1 “Bee the Change” Project

As part of our “Bee the Change” inquiry project, the Grade 1 students had a memorable field trip visiting the beehives at Ms. Carmelita’s home. They were thrilled to get dressed in real beekeeper suits in order to stay safe around the hives and around the backyard. Ms. Carmelita’s husband, Patrick, opened the bee boxes right in front of the girls and showed us the parts of the hive. We were able to see the worker bees busy making wax, honeycomb and honey! We noticed parts of the hive that contained eggs and larva. We learned that beekeepers use a smoker (with pine cones) to keep the bees calm. Students who were keen were invited to stand right next to the hives to watch the bees flying in with pollen. Some students were able to hold worker bees and drones! We ended the trip with a honey tasting with honey straight out of the hives! It was delicious! We had an incredible time and want to express our sincerest thanks to Ms. Carmelita and Patrick for welcoming the Grade 1s to visit their fascinating beehives. It was truly a life-changing experience. Many of the students have a new love and appreciation for the important work that bees do in pollinating our world’s plants!

Nicole Sobieski
Grade 1 Teacher