Outdoor Ed Iron Chef ?!

Outdoor Ed Iron Chef
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Since the Gr. 10 girls were forced to come back a day early due to the monsoons in Garibaldi (read Randall’s account here), they decided to be resourceful with the extra food that they had carted up to Garibaldi and back: Outdoor Ed Iron Chef!

So on the Friday of their return, the girls gathered and got creative with their culinary skills (Spam sushi!). Members of the admin team including Co-Directors of the Senior School Mr. Johnston and Mrs. Harvey acted as the judges.

Even though the girls were disappointed in having to come back early, they were still able to bond with their classmates and practice their outdoor ed skills. The day was a great way to wrap-up the trip!

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Garibaldi in Gr. 10: A YHS Tradition

Garibaldi 2011Finally, we are in Grade Ten and we get to do the York House Garibaldi trip. What an experience! Even the thirty-pound pack is something most of us had never experienced before, and some of us will never experience again. Planning for equipment, food, and potentially battling the elements was exciting. Our teachers calmed our nerves, managed our emotions, and probably worried a little themselves. They helped us believe in ourselves even when we were unsure of what was ahead.

This trip is a tradition for Grade Ten York House young women. We feel the weight of this tradition on our backs as well. With each step our worries dissipated and true friendships and lifetime memories were created. Sometimes we lost our footing but we carried on together. With each day the rhythm of our footsteps was stronger and there was no stopping them. After our stomachs were full with a basic but warm dinner, the sun slid behind the mountains and we climbed into the close quarters of our tent. On day two the rains came. The morning of day three, despite our planning we were cold and soaked through. An announcement was made, the forecast called for continued rain, we were going home a day early. We were shocked, we were disappointed and we were relieved. We imagined our parents eagerly awaiting our arrival. Even though our trip was cut short by the forces of Mother Nature, the memories, the deeper friendships made, and the photos will stay with us for a lifetime.

Randall, Gr. 10
(photos by Joanna, Gr. 10)