PawCast – Episode 1

The Grade 6’s have started a new podcast with news and information from the junior school. Click the link below to check it out!

PawCast – Episode 1
In this episode:

  • Canucks update
  • Japan Tsunami information
  • Earth Week info
  • iPad 2 review
  • “Yorkie Life” update
  • Movie Review: “Hop”
  • “The Book Report” with top 10 books, and a review of the top 3
  • Canadian elections update

In case you wonder about the name of “PawCast”, it is derived from the paw of our school mascot.

Have questions or comments? You can email the PawCast crew directly at

Gr. 6 Science Fair

There were some very creative projects at the Gr. 6 Science Fair last month (it’s BC’s Year of Science!) A personal favourite? Marissa’s project titled “Is All Ice Cream the Same?” As it turns out – no. The higher the fat content, and the more you pay – the better it tastes :-).

Click on the image below for the photo gallery.

Gr. 6 Science Fair
Click on the image for photo gallery