Grade 9 Radio Melodrama

Our Drama classes have had to find some creative ways to learn and perform over the last two months. The Grade 9 class recently read a soap opera parody called General Valley Hospital. As they were unable to perform it on stage so they transformed it into a radio play. There were three groups and each group took either the beginning, middle, or end, then recorded themselves ‘performing’ the play using sound effects, music, and words for a listening audience. The result is a three-part, full-length radio play.

Here is one part one of General Valley Hospital: The Radio Play for your listening pleasure:

ADST 9 Students Design Activity Book for COVID-19 Patients

The ADST 9 class (Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies) recently had the opportunity to work with Beth Burton, the Director Mission Services at Providence Health Care, to explore product designs that could meet the needs of patients that have come to Vancouver hospitals as a result of COVID-19. 

One of the needs identified was for ways to help patients feeling isolated and unable to receive visitors. To address this need, Joyce, Angela, Jordan, and Pamela created a booklet that included inspirational quotes, colouring activities, puzzles, word games, and origami. After a process of presenting ideas and receiving feedback from Beth and her team, the group recently presented a final draft of the booklet to a large group of PHC staff including several spiritual health practitioners, Sara Parmar the Coordinator of Volunteer Resources, and Jody Sydor Jones, Corporate Director of Mission Engagement & Reconciliation. During the meeting, the students heard about how important a carefully planned activity booklet such as theirs could be towards improving the mental and spiritual health of patients.  

Joyce, Grade 9, with a copy of the activity booklet made for COVID-19 patients
Beth Burton picking up the 100 booklet packs the ADST 9 group made
ADST 9 meeting with Providence Health Care