Spring Outdoor Ed Trips

GO Program
This spring the GO Program embarked on three very different adventures. They went ski touring and winter camping in the Coquihalla Lakes area, cycle touring on Galiano Island, and kayaking in the Broken Islands. These were trips of a lifetime, full of challenge and growth, fun and bonding, beauty and new discoveries. Students learned three new sports, explored three means of self-propelled travel, and saw students becoming skilled and independent in many moments. This spring, the GO cohort has gone from growth to transformation and all the students have reason to be incredibly proud of their accomplishments.

Grade 9s Canoeing at Indian Arm

In May, all the Grade 9s embarked on a journey up Indian Arm, near Deep Cove, by voyageur canoe. Over the course of four days, they paddled from Rocky Point Park in Port Moody to Granite Falls and back, a total of approximately 70km. Travel was in large, 18 seater voyageur canoes, and the focus for this trip was working with a team, communication, resiliency and skill development. They explored the ocean, learned how to navigate using a compass, learned how to set up a tent, sleep in it, cook on a camping stove and many other elements of camping life.

Grade 4s at Sea to Sky Outdoor School on Gambier Island
The Grade 4 classes, accompanied by some wonderful senior school mentors, went to Gambier Island, to the Sea to Sky Outdoor School hosted at camp Fircom. They canoed in big traditional canoes, slept in cabins, jumped in the freezing cold ocean, played games, sang songs, explored the gorgeous forest, and learned a little bit about the word “sustainability” and our role in making positive change.

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Grade 7s at Evans Lake
The Grade 7 classes had a fun, celebratory trip to Evans Lake to end their year. They swam, canoed, paddle boarded, played games in the forest, ate in the dining hall, slept in cabins, and much more.

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Grade 3s at Stave Lake
In June, the Grade 3 classes experienced their first overnight camp. Students spent two days at Stave Lake Lodge, near Mission. They played in the forest, learned many nature nuggets, learned how to start a fire, and enjoyed their first sleepover as a class. Parents were invited to join the following morning and everyone enjoyed a celebratory class picnic potluck.

Primary Forest Days
In the spring term, the primary classes each enjoyed a day of forest play and exploration, physical exercise and eco-literacy. They found slugs and bugs, saw flowering plants and trees, played games, listened to the birds, and worked on developing important skills such as balance, communication and imaginative free play.

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