Senior Fall Music Concerts

Congratulations to our talented musicians and choristers for two outstanding Fall Concerts. Our Yorkies were thrilled to be able to perform in front of live audiences for the first time in almost two years. The energy was palpable and family and friends were thrilled to be back at the school to enjoy the wonderful performances by our Senior School musicians including Band 8, 9, Jazz Band, and Senior Band as well as our Senior School choirs.

A huge thank you to our Band Director, Dawn Haylett, for her incredible passion and dedication towards the music program and her students. Kudos to Dawn and the musicians for all of their hard work to put together a truly memorable live performance. 

We also have much gratitude for our Choir Director, Benila Ninan, whose expertise, vibrant energy, and passion truly shone and inspired not only her students but the audience as well. Thank you, Benila, for your tenacity and hard work. In spite of still having to sing with masks, our choirs sounded beautiful. We so appreciated the opportunity to enjoy these live performances. 

A great big thank you also goes to all faculty and staff who participated in the planning, rehearsals, and coordination of this very successful event. Many hands, hearts, and minds were involved and we were incredibly proud of the amazing team that came together to make this happen. We hope you enjoyed the shows!